A Layman's Guide to Christian Apologetics

Hi Friends,

Welcome to the blog. As things get rolling around here, and the update cycle picks up, I am working hard to find good material across a broad range of Christian apologetics ministries/conferences/books. The content here will range from introductory popular-level material all the way to very specialized presentations and papers. I am not omniscient, or all-wise. I don’t know about every new book or conference, but I hope to engage more broadly across several disciplines and into areas of interest which I have steered clear of in the past.

Apologists are an interesting bunch. Many of them are very, very, very committed to one specific methodology. Some take a broader approach and lean heavily on philosophy or relational approaches. I recognize the fact that there are a lot of people in the world, and about 10 times as many viewpoints on various questions of faith. I can’t answer everything, and I won’t promise to try. I recognize some of my limitations quite clearly, as age and all the joys that go with it are surfacing ever more frequently in my life. However, my limitations do not squelch my desire to help you. Whether that help is engaging you personally to (re)discover life focused on the God of the Bible, educating young Christians about Christian apologetics, or strengthening and building confident faith in my fellow Christians, we shall see.

I’m looking forward to the adventure, for the glory of God in Christ.



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