A Layman's Guide to Christian Apologetics

This is a collection of quotes from the history of Watchtower publications. It is primarily a repository of my personal research.


This collection of quotes is an examination of Watchtower doctrinal history. It does not include everything the Watchtower has said on every subject. Considering the volume of material produced by Jehovah’s Witnesses, this is only a drop in the bucket. However, it does provide an overview of several major areas of belief. I have focused primarily on five topics: God, the Bible, Salvation, Watchtower authority, and Prophecy.

I have attempted to deal with Jehovah’s Witnesses fairly in my selection of quotes. I do not want to present their thoughts out of context, thus leading you to false conclusions about them. I prefer to let them speak for themselves.

If you are one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, I encourage you to follow the Watchtower’s advice to examine the foundations of your religion. I pray you come to know the truth about Jesus, who is the truth. He said, “I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again.”

Each of these quotes come directly from my own personal library of Watchtower publications. I can photo-document each one as requested by individuals. You can request documentation of any specific quote by reaching out to me through the Letter to the Editor form at the bottom of this article.


Napoleon began this Egyptian campaign in 1798, finished it, and then returned to France on October 1, 1799. The campaign is briefly , yet graphically described in the prophecy, verses 40-44; and its being completed in 1799 marks, according to the prophet’s own words, the beginning of “the time of the end.” (Creation; 1927; 2,175,000 ed.; pp. 293)

Twelve hundred and sixty years from 539 A.D. brings us to 1799, which is another proof that 1799 definitely marks the beginning of “the time of the end.” This also shows that it is from the date 539 A.D. that the other prophetic days of Daniel must be counted. (Creation; 1927; 2,175,000 ed.; pp. 294)

Some Roman Catholics have claimed that Jesus Christ’s Thousand Year Reign ended in 1799 when French armies captured Rome and deposed the pope as its ruler, so that he was deported as a prisoner to France, where he died. (The Watchtower; 9/1/1989; pp. 12)


We are already living in the seventh millennium – since October 1872. (The Time Is At Hand; 1889; 1915 ed.; pp. 363)


Here we furnish the evidence that from the creation of Adam to A.D. 1873 was six thousand years. And though the Bible contains no direct statement that the seventh thousand will be the epoch of Christ’s reign, the great Sabbath Day of restitution to the world, yet the venerable tradition is not without reasonable foundation. (The Time Is At Hand; 1889; 1915 ed.; pp. 39)

If, then, the seventh thousand-year period of earth’s history be an epoch specially noted as the period of Christ’s reign, we shall, by showing that it began in A.D. 1873, be proving that we are already in it. (The Time Is At Hand; 1889; 1915 ed.; pp. 40)


The Scriptural proof is that the period of his presence and the day of God’s preparation is a period from 1874 A.D. forward. The second coming of the Lord, therefore, began in 1874; and that date and the years 1914 and 1918 are specially marked dates with reference to his coming. (Creation; 1927; 2,175,000 ed.; pp. 289)

Prophecy can not be understood until it has been fulfilled or is in the course of fulfillment. From 1874 to 1914 the prophecy concerning the Lord’s coming was being fulfilled and could be understood, and was understood, by those who were faithful to the Lord and who were watching the development of events, but not by others. (Creation; 1927; 2,175,000 ed.; pp. 290)

But mention is made of some of these things that have come to light since 1874, as a further evidence of the Lord’s presence since that date, as follows: Adding machines, aeroplanes, aluminum, antiseptic surgery, artificial dyes, automatic couplers, automobiles, barbed wire, bicycles, carborundum, cash registers, celluloid, cream separators, disc plows, electric railways, electric welding, elevators, escalators, fireless cookers, gas engines, harvesting machines, illuminating gas, induction motors, linotypes, monotypes, motion pictures, pasteurization, radium, railway signals, Roentgen rays, skyscrapers, smokeless powder, submarines, subways, talking machines, telephones, television, typewriters, vacuum cleaners, wireless telegraphy and wireless telephony. (Creation; 1927; 2,175,000 ed.; pp. 297)

Applying the same rule then, of a day for a year, 1335 days after 539 A.D. brings us to 1874 A.D. at which time, according to Biblical chronology, the Lord’s second presence was due. (Creation; 1927; 2,175,000 ed.; pp. 298)

There is a chapter in The Harp of God called Our Lord’s Return that contains many references to 1874. This is in both the 1921 and 1928 editions.

The scriptural proof is that the second presence of the Lord Jesus Christ began in 1874 A.D. (Prophecy; 1929; 1,589,000 ed.; pp. 65)

According to an inaccurate chronology that had been worked out from the King James Authorized Version Bible, Russell calculated Christ’s “presence” had begun in the year 1874 C.E., unseen to human eyes and seen only by the eye of faith. (Man’s Salvation Out Of World Distress At Hand; 1975; pp. 287)


The spring of A.D. 1878 (three and a half years later) corresponds to the date at which our Lord assumed the office of King, rode on the ass, cleansed the temple of its money-changers, and wept over and gave up to desolation that nominal church or kingdom; and it marks the date when the nominal church systems were “spewed out” (Rev. 3:16), and from which time (A.D. 1878) they are not the mouth pieces of God, nor in any degree recognized by him. (The Time Is At Hand; 1889; 1915 ed.; pp. 235)

So it was in this harvest also up to A.D. 1878 the time prophecies and the fact of the Lord’s presence, substantially as here presented, though less clearly, was our message. Since then the work has widened, and the view of other truths has become brighter and clearer; but the same fact and scriptures, teaching the same time and presence, stand unchallenged and incontrovertible. (The Time Is At Hand; 1889; 1915 ed.; pp. 236)


To our understanding the general call to this joint heirship with our Redeemer as members of the New Creation of God, ceased in 1881. (The New Creation; 1899; 1915 ed.; pp. 95)

As in the type that date – three and a half years after the death of Christ – marked the end of all special favor to the Jew and the beginning of favor to the Gentiles, so we recognize A.D. 1881 as marking the close of the high calling, or invitation to the blessing peculiar to this age – to become joint-heirs with Christ and partakers of the divine nature. (The Time Is At Hand; 1889; 1915 ed.; pp. 235)


True, it is expecting great things to claim, as we do, that within the coming twenty-six years all present governments will be overthrown and dissolved;… (The Time Is At Hand; 1889; 1908 ed.; pp. 99)

In view of this strong Bible evidence concerning the Times of the Gentiles, we consider it an established truth that the final end of the kingdoms of this world, and the full establishment of the Kingdom of God, will be accomplished at the end of A. D. 1914. (The Time Is At Hand; 1889; 1908 ed.; pp. 99)

Firstly, that at that date [1914] the Kingdom of God, for which our Lord taught us to pray, saying, “Thy Kingdom come,” will begin to assume control, and that it will then shortly be “set up,” or firmly established, in the earth, on the ruins of present institutions. (The Time Is At Hand; 1889; 1915 ed.; pp. 77)

Under the guidance of God’s spirit of freedom the magazine today known as The Watchtower but known back there as Zion’s Watch Tower, began to be published in July, 1879. In the first year of its publication it pointed to the date 1914 as marked in the Bible. (What Has Religion Done For Mankind?; 1951; pp. 308)

1914 a marked year. Years in advance Bible Scholars realized that 1914 was to be a year of great significance. They expected great changes to take place, and the facts confirm that 1914 was, indeed, a marked year. (The Truth That Leads To Eternal Life; 1968; 40,000,000 ed.; pp. 91)

This remnant of anointed ones have identified themselves on the pages of history since 1914 C.E. Before this year members of this anointed remnant had been earnestly studying God’ s Word apart from Christendom. They put the Holy Bible ahead of man-made religious traditions. As early as 1876 they were publishing that the Gentile Times of 2,520 years would terminate in the year 1914. Events that have taken place from that year onward prove they were not wrong. (God’s Eternal Purpose Now Triumphing For Man’s Good; 1974; pp. 178-179)

As far back as 1876, Jehovah’ s Witnesses realized that Bible prophecy marked the year 1914 C.E. as a time when major events would take place that would have far-reaching effects on human affairs. They gave the reason for this fact wide publicity. (True Peace And Security; 1986; 33,000,000 ed.; pp. 70)

Back in 1904, the book The New Creation called attention to this new organization that came into existence in the first century C.E. (Studies In The Scriptures, Series VI, Study V, entitled “The Organization of the New Creation”) Owing to its view of what the end of the Gentile Times would mean, that book did not envision the remarkable organizational work that was due to take place after the crippling effects of the first world war of human history. – Luke 21:24 KJ (The Watchtower; 9/1/1989; pp. 12-13)

1914 Generation

After almost six thousand years of human sorrow, suffering and death, at last permanent relief is near at hand and will be realized within this generation. (New Heavens And A New Earth; 1953; pp. 7)

Holy spirit will be behind the coming new order. And why not? It was behind the writing of the Holy Bible, and this inspired book fairly overflows with the good news about the peaceful new order for trouble-weary mankind. When it is at last brought in within this generation, all those entering into the enjoyment of it will delightedly say: “This is new!” (Holy Spirit; 1976; pp. 163)

Prophetic information in the Bible about our day detail the following: … (4) The survival of at least some of the generation that saw the beginning of “the conclusion of the system of things.” (True Peace And Security; 1986; 33,000,000 ed.; pp. 70)


In view of this strong Bible evidence concerning the Times of the Gentiles, we consider it an established truth that the final end of the kingdoms of this world, and the full establishment of the Kingdom of God, will be accomplished near the end of A.D. 1915. (The Time Is At Hand; 1889; 1915 ed.; pp. 99)

Be not surprised, then, when in subsequent chapters we present proofs that the setting up of the Kingdom of God is already begun, that it is pointed out in prophecy as due to begin the exercise of power in A.D. 1878, and that the “battle of the great day of God Almighty” (Rev. 16:14), which will end in A.D. 1915, with the complete overthrow of the earth’s present rulership, is already commenced. (The Time Is At Hand; 1889; 1915 ed.; pp. 101)

The “Gentile Times” prove that the present governments must all be overturned about the close of 1915 A.D. (The Time Is At Hand; 1889; 1915 ed.; pp. 242)


Further, the widely circulated booklet Millions Now Living Will Never Die presented the view that in 1925, God’s purposes regarding the restoring of the earth to Paradise and the resurrecting of the faithful ones of old would begin to be fulfilled. … The year 1925 came to its conclusion, but the end was not yet! Ever since the 1870’s, Bible Students had been serving with a date in mind – first 1914, then 1925. Now they realized that they must serve for as long as Jehovah wishes. (The Watchtower; 11/1/1993; pp. 12)


Shortly, within our twentieth century, the “battle in the day of Jehovah” will begin against the modern antitype of Jerusalem, Christendom. (The Nations Shall Know That I Am Jehovah; 1971; 2nd ed.; pp. 216)

If it is his purpose to have this beautification of the whole earth accomplished by the end of his seventh creative day – Scripturally a period of seven thousand years, then the time is near at hand for the ruining of the earth by exploiters to be stopped by theocratic power and the blessed transformation to a delightsome garden to begin. Already, nearly six thousand years of man’s existence from the close of the sixth creative day have run their dreary course. We must be approaching the threshold of that thousand-year-long reign of Jesus Christ, which must be accompanied by Paradise according to what Jesus promised the sympathetic evildoer on the stake there at Mount Calvary. (Paradise Restored to Mankind – By Theocracy, 1972;. pp. 18)

Accurate Knowledge

Back then, this was direct counsel for the holy anointed brothers of Christ, and it still is today. As the secondary part of the “seed” of promise, such ones are special targets for Satan’s spiritual subversion. (Galatians 3:26-29; Ephesians 6:11,12) Anointed ones, especially, must make their calling sure by not neglecting the free gift of God’s undeserved kindness. That is why they must constantly strengthen their spiritual resources by refurbishing their accurate knowledge of God’s will and Word. (The Watchtower; 12/1/1989; pp. 16)

What about those whose hope is everlasting life on earth? Why is accurate knowledge vital for them? Because there are no degrees of Christian integrity, as if there were a higher standard for the anointed, who have a heavenly hope, than for the other sheep, who have an earthly hope. (John 10:16; 2 Peter 3:13) Christian principles apply equally to all. For that reason, all of us need to recharge our spiritual batteries with accurate knowledge on a regular basis. (The Watchtower; 12/1/1989; pp. 16)

Adam: Clothed With Skins

“Unto Adam also, and to his wife, did the Lord God make coats of skins, and clothed them.” (Gen 3:21) The presumption is that the skins were taken from animals, but such is not necessarily true nor is it so important. The fact that God clothed them was the important thing. (Creation; 1927; 2,175,000 ed.; pp. 168)

Adam: Not “a god”

We have already seen that the perfect Adam, the transgressor, who was sentenced, was not an angel, nor an archangel, nor a god, but a man, – in nature a little lower than that of angels. (At-One-Ment Between God And Man; 1899; 1915 ed.; pp. 423)


There are people today who are like the Rechabites. These are the Lord’s “other sheep.” Whether they will drink wine is not at issue today. (Compare 1 Timothy 5:23) This is a personal matter as long as they do not become heavy drinkers or perhaps drunkards. (Survival Into A New Earth; 1984; pp. 131)

Ancient Worthies

We are thus informed that some features of the original election remain with natural Israel, notwithstanding their rejection as a people from the chief favor in the divine plan – their rejection from being of the elect spiritual Israel. As the promises to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and the prophets are to be fulfilled to them, and they shall become the “princes,” or representatives, of the spiritual kingdom throughout all the earth during the Millennial age, undoubtedly this will work greatly to the advantage of many of the natural Israelites who are at present in a condition of alienation and darkness. (The New Creation; 1899; 1915 ed.; pp. 178)

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and David and the prophets will be brought forth and be made leaders of the people. We may expect their return soon, because the favor of God has begun to return to Israel. (Life; 1929; 1,000,000 ed.; pp. 191)

Those faithful men of old will soon be resurrected as perfect human creatures and shall be the “princes [or visible rulers] in all the earth.” (Children; 1941; 3,000,000 ed.; pp. 343)

The Lord Jesus has now come to the temple for judgement, and the remnant of the members of “his body” yet on earth he has gathered into the temple condition of perfect unity with himself (Malachi 3:1-3), and hence those faithful men of old may be expected back from the dead any day now. The Scriptures give good reason to believe that it shall be shortly before Armageddon breaks. (The New World; 1942; 2,000,000 ed.; pp. 104)

Job’s record shows him to be one of those faithful men of old, who are destined to be those “princes in all the earth” in the new world which Almighty God Jehovah constructs. More than this: the Scriptural and the physical facts prove that Job is due to be resurrected shortly with those faithful men and to appear on earth with them. (The New World; 1942; 2,000,000 ed.; pp. 129-130)

In this expectation the house at San Diego, California, which house has been much publicized with malicious intent by the religious enemy, was built, in 1930, and named “Beth-Sarim”, meaning “house of the Princes”. It is now held in trust for the occupancy of those princes on their return. The most recent facts show that the religionists of this doomed world are gnashing their teeth because of the testimony which that “House of the Princes” bears to the new world. (The New World; 1942; 2,000,000 ed.; pp. 104)

Ancient Worthies: Rejected for Not-So-Ancient Worthies

Rightly, Jesus is more interested in his future as reigning King rather than in his earthly past. Of course, he does not forget that past and especially his human ancestors involved in Jehovah’s promise to bless all families by means of the Abrahamic Seed. But now his main interest is in the immediate future purposed by the Kingmaker, Jehovah God. So Jesus’ earthly children, particularly the sons among them qualified to serve under him in princely offices, will take the place of interest – more so than his earthly forefathers. (The Watchtower; 9/1/1989; pp. 21)

During Christ’s Millennial Reign, when the ransomed dead of mankind are resurrected, the surviving great crowd will enjoy tremendous and most honorable privileges. They will then become sons and daughters of the King. It will be possible for such sons among them to hold the rank of princes, even as King David’s sons were princes with various responsibilities. (The Watchtower; 9/1/1989; pp. 21)

To our great delight, prospective princes are in our very midst. They are found among the other sheep who listen to the voice of the fine shepherd. (The Watchtower; 9/1/1989; pp. 22)

Angels: Guide JW Work

This separating work has indeed been carried forward under angelic direction. (Matt. 25:31, 32) And in conjunction with it there has been angelic aid in declaring the “good news,” for how often it has happened that a sincere person has prayed to God for help, only to find one of Jehovah’s Witnesses standing at his door! And how often has a Witness been guided by some unusual circumstance to call at a home where spiritual aid is needed the most! Being aware of the support of the myriads of heavenly angels, may we never let up in searching out worthy persons by zealous house-to-house preaching. (The Watchtower; 7/15/1979; pp. 15)

The angels of heaven have guided a far different missionary service in recent years. Starting in the year 1943, Jehovah’s Witnesses have been operating the Watchtower Bible School of Gilead (originally located at South Lansing, New York, U.S.A.) for the express purpose of training missionaries for the world field. (The Watchtower; 7/15/1979; pp. 18)

You likely know that after 1919 the anointed remnant got busy in the preaching work in cooperation with the angels, who continued to use the symbolic dragnet to haul fish onto the beach, to separate the fine ones from the unsuitable ones. (The Watchtower; 6/15/1992; pp. 21)

Angels: Identified With Spiritism

Peter was soon at the house of Mary (the mother of John Mark), apparently a Christian meeting place. (Acts 12:12-19) In the darkness, the servant girl Rhoda recognized Peter’s voice but left him at the locked gateway. At first the disciples may have thought that God had sent an angelic messenger representing Peter and speaking with a voice like his. (The Watchtower; 6/1/1990; pp. 20)

Angels: Transmit Information

This is proof that the interpretation of prophecy does not proceed from man, but that the Lord Jesus, the chief one in Jehovah’s organization, sends the necessary information to his people by and through his holy angels. (Preparation; 1933; pp. 28)

Certain duties and kingdom interests have been committed by the Lord to his angels, which include the transmission of information to God’s anointed people on the earth for their aid and comfort. Even though we cannot understand how the angels transmit this information, we know that they do it; and the Scriptures and the facts show that it is done. (Preparation; 1933; pp. 36-37)

Enlightenment proceeds from Jehovah by and through Christ Jesus and is given to the faithful anointed on earth at the temple, and brings great peace and consolation to them. Again Zechariah talked with the angel of the Lord, which shows that the remnant are instructed by the angels of the Lord. The remnant do not hear audible sounds, because such is not necessary. Jehovah has provided his own good way to convey thoughts to the minds of his anointed ones. (Preparation; 1933; pp. 64)

Those of the remnant, being honest and true, must say, We do not know; and the Lord enlightens them, sending his angels for that very purpose. (Preparation; 1933; pp. 67)

So let us have faith that Jehovah will help us to view our trials properly and endure them. Scriptures may be brought to our attention by fellow believers or during Bible study. Events maneuvered through God’s providence may help us to see what we should do. Angels may share in directing us, or we may receive guidance by holy spirit. (The Watchtower; 7/15/1992; pp. 21)


How could one become guilty of partaking of the table of demons in our day? By serving the interests of anything opposed to Jehovah. The table of demons includes all demonic propaganda, which is designed to mislead and turn and to turn us away from Jehovah. Who would want to feed his heart and mind on such poison? (The Watchtower; 7/1/1994; pp. 9)

We would not knowingly want to be partaking of the table of demons. To do that would cost us the favor of the only true and living God, Jehovah. (The Watchtower; 7/1/1994; pp. 9)

Food on the table of demons is poisonous. Consider, for example, the food dispensed by the evil slave class and the apostates. It does not nourish or build up; it is not wholesome. It cannot be, for the apostates have stopped feeding at Jehovah’s table. As a result, whatever they had developed of the new personality is gone. What motivates them is, not holy spirit, but vitriolic bitterness. They are obsessed with only one aim – beating their former fellow slaves, as Jesus foretold. (The Watchtower; 7/1/1994; pp. 11)

Yes, apostates publish literature that resorts to distortions, half-truths, and outright falsehood. They even picket Witness conventions, trying to trap the unwary. (The Watchtower; 7/1/1994; pp. 12)

And while the apostates may also present certain facts, these are usually taken out of context with the goal of drawing others away from the table of Jehovah. All their writings simply criticize and tear down. (The Watchtower; 7/1/1994; pp. 12)

Apostolic Succession

Amongst the gifts of the Spirit the Apostle specifies – (1) apostles, (2) prophets, (3) teachers. We still have with us the gift of the apostles, in that we have their teachings in the New Testament, so full and complete as to require no addition; and hence the twelve apostles have no successors, and need none, since there are but “twelve apostles of the Lamb;”… (At-One-Ment Between God And Man; 1899; 1915 ed.; pp. 207)

The “mystery of lawlessness” was already at work in the days of Christ’s twelve apostles. As the governing body of the Christian congregation they were the ones who were acting as a restraint upon the development of this “man of lawlessness” to full growth. (What Has Religion Done For Mankind?; 1951; pp. 320)

Paul had been directed by the governing body to “keep the poor [Christians] in mind.” (Galatians 2:10) (The Watchtower; 12/1/1989; pp. 24)

Isaiah says that Jehovah’s law and words emanate from “Jerusalem.” What does this mean? In Isaiah’s day, the literal city was the source of kingly authority to which all faithful Israelites looked. (Isaiah 60:14) Later, at the time of the Apostles of Jesus Christ, Jerusalem was still the focal point for instructions that came from the Christian governing body in that city. – Acts 15:2; 16:4 (The Watchtower; 12/15/1989; pp. 6)

They have a modern Governing Body of older Christian men from various parts of the earth who give needed oversight to the worldwide activities of God’s people. These men, like the apostles and older men in Jerusalem in the first century, are anointed members of the faithful and discreet slave class designated by Jesus to care for all of his Kingdom interests here upon earth. History has proved that they can be trusted to follow the direction of the holy spirit and that they do not rely on human wisdom in teaching the flock of God the ways of genuine peace. – Matthew 24:45-47; 1 Peter 5:1-4 (The Watchtower; 12/15/1989; pp. 6)

Christian elders govern by using their “abilities to direct” (Greek ky-ber-ne` seis) in providing leadership and guidance in local congregations. (1 Corinthians 12:28) But the apostles and other elders in Jerusalem served as a body to give guidance and counsel to all the congregations. (Acts 15:1,2,27-29) Today, therefore, a governing body of elders provides spiritual oversight for Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide. (The Watchtower; 12/15/1989; pp. 21)

Confident of the loyalty of his faithful creatures, Jehovah delegates authority. So does his Son. From among his anointed followers, “the faithful and discreet slave,” he has chosen a few to serve as a visible governing body. (Matthew 24:45) In the first century, this group was composed of the apostles and several older men in Jerusalem. (The Watchtower; 1/15/1990; pp. 26)

Archangels: More than One

Archangel is the name given to some of God’s spirit creatures, which name signifies “first in rank”. (Creation; 1927; 2,175,000 ed.; pp. 15)

Long ages ago, before earthly time began, the great Jehovah God had a wonderful and mighty organization consisting of a host of spirit creatures, the beautiful angels among them, archangels, seraphim, cherubim, Lucifer and the might Logos, the two latter being designated as “the morning stars”. (Creation; 1927; 2,175,000 ed.; pp. 19)

After the mighty “morning stars” the other spirit sons of God were brought forth, all perfect, glorious, and holy. All these were organized in an orderly manner for God’s service and to carry out his good purposes. Some were given positions and service as seraphim, others as cherubim, and others as archangels, and others as angels, which last name means “messengers.” (The New World; 1942; 2,000,000 ed.; pp. 18)

Armageddon: Remnant Removed Before

Thirdly, it will prove that some time before the end of the overthrow the last member of the divinely recognized Church of Christ, the “royal priesthood,” “the body of Christ,” will be glorified with the Head, because every member is to reign with Christ, being a joint-heir with him of the Kingdom and it cannot be fully “set up” without every member. (The Time Is At Hand; 1889; 1915 ed.; pp. 77)

Some of the anointed remnant have thought of surviving and living on to welcome back such resurrected faithful ones who died before Pentecost 33 C.E. Will the anointed be thus privileged? This would not be necessary. The great crowd of tribulation survivors will be on hand in ample numbers to take care of the situation and to acquaint the resurrected ones with the “new earth” under the “new heavens.” (2 Peter 3:13) Even now, the great crowd is being organized for this. (The Watchtower; 9/1/1989; pp. 20)

Would it be necessary for the anointed remnant to be alive on earth to welcome back resurrected faithful ones who died prior to 33 C.E.? No this would not be necessary. Many of the great crowd who will survive the great tribulation are now being trained to take care of organizational responsibility. Therefore, they would be able to take care of that situation and to acquaint the resurrected ones with the “new earth” under the “new heavens.” (The Watchtower; 12/15/1989; pp. 30)

Armageddon: Remnant Present After

In passing safely through the flood Noah particularly pictured the small remnant yet on the earth of the body members of Christ Jesus, the Greater Noah. That remnant shall live out Armageddon by divine protection. (The New World; 1942; 2,000,000 ed.; pp. 107)

This suggests that the Job class, Jehovah’s servants of integrity, who have by His grace and power survived the demons’ assault thus far, shall be carried alive through Armageddon, if continuing faithful. (The New World; 1942; 2,000,000 ed.; pp. 370)

Job’s death appears to mean that yet the remnant must in due time after Armageddon finish their earthly course and, like the other members of Christ’s body, have their change from human to spirit. (The New World; 1942; 2,000,000 ed.; pp. 370)

Since a number of this remnant will survive the battle of Armageddon just as Noah’s wife survived the flood together with her sons and daughters-in-law, they will be on the earth for a while after the thousand-year reign of Jesus Christ begins. The thousand-year reign does not have to wait until they are glorified in the heavens, because they are not really essential up there to help Jesus rule. (New Heavens And A New Earth; 1953; pp. 321)

The anointed remnant were given to understand that the Elisha work would not be done after the Bride class had left the earth to be joined to her Bridegroom, but was a work to be performed by the faithful anointed remnant themselves. (Let Your Name Be Sanctified; 1961; pp. 321)

At beholding such a happy start of things on the cleansed earth, the surviving remnant of spiritual Israelites will exult and rejoice to overflowing. They will be instrumental in God’s hands in getting the “new earth” off functioning in harmony with the “new heavens” government. But their ultimate hopes are not earthward; rather, they are heavenward. The spirit-begotten remnant expect that, in the due time, the heavenly Bridegroom, Jesus Christ, will take them to his heavenly Father’s home to complete his bridal congregation and thus form the final part of the “holy city, New Jerusalem.” (Man’s Salvation Out Of World Distress At Hand; 1975; pp. 358)

Armageddon: Who Survives?

Survival on earth by some of mankind through this wicked system’s catastrophic end and on into Jesus Christ’s Millennial Reign was expected by the anointed remnant. Especially was this so after the public talk “Millions Now Living May Never Die” was given at Los Angeles, California in the war year of 1918. (The Watchtower; 9/1/1989; pp. 13)

Only Jehovah’s Witnesses, those of the anointed remnant and the “great crowd,” as a united organization under the protection of the Supreme Organizer, have any scriptural hope of surviving the impending end of this doomed system dominated by Satan the Devil. (The Watchtower; 9/1/1989; pp. 19)


All the books written at the dictation of man fail to measure up to the required standard, because they are merely the expressed opinions of imperfect men. (Creation; 1927; 2,175,000 ed.; pp. 8)

…this book does not contain the opinion of a man, but sets forth the truth taken from the Word of God. (Riches; 1936; pp. 7)


We cannot accept this to be a correct view of baptism [for the remission of sins];- to us it is neither Scriptural nor reasonable. We cannot believe that the Lord has made the eternal welfare of our race dependent upon their knowledge of, and obedience to, any such institution. (The New Creation; 1899; 1915 ed.; pp. 428)

Before getting baptized, a person must acquire and act on accurate knowledge of the Scriptures. (The Watchtower; 3/15/1992; pp. 15)

Prior to baptism, a person must exercise faith based on accurate knowledge. (The Watchtower; 3/15/1992; pp. 16)

Repentance is another prerequisite for baptism. (The Watchtower; 3/15/1992; pp. 16)

Conversion must also occur before a person can be baptized as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. (The Watchtower; 3/15/1992; pp. 16)

Dedication to God in prayer must precede baptism. (The Watchtower; 3/15/1992; pp. 17)

Public evidence of dedication to Jehovah is provided when a person is baptized. (The Watchtower; 3/15/1992; pp. 17)

To become one of Jehovah’s Witnesses today, therefore, a person must be a believer who truly exercises faith and gets baptized. (The Watchtower; 3/15/1992; pp. 17)

Of all the decisions that we are called upon to make in life, perhaps not one is more important than this: ‘Should I get baptized?’ Why is that so important? Because our decision with regard to this question has a direct bearing not only on our course of life now but also on our eternal welfare. (The Watchtower; 10/1/1992; pp. 20)

Bible: King James Version

Doubtless there has never been a more masterful and perfect English publication than the Authorized Version of the Bible. (Creation; 1927; 2,175,000 ed.; pp. 117)

Bible: New World Translation

We offer no paraphrase of the Scriptures. Our endeavor has been to give as literal a translation as possible, where the modern English idiom allows and where a literal rendition does not for any clumsiness hide the thought. That way we can best meet the desire of those who are scrupulous for getting, as nearly as possible, word for word, the exact statement of the original. (New World Translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures, 1950; pp. 9)

This one being the first member of God’s heavenly family, he could also be called the firstborn of all creation. Our thinking about this here reminds us of what is said in the eighth chapter of the book of Proverbs, where divine wisdom is pictured as a person who talks about himself. Of course, in the original Hebrew text of Proverbs, the word “wisdom” (hhakh-mah`) is in the feminine and speaks of itself as a female person. Of course, divine wisdom does not have any separate existence apart from God. Wisdom always existed in Him and so was not created. {Note: Proverbs Chapter 8 in the New World Translation renders the speaker as “it”, not “she.”} (God’s “Eternal Purpose” Now Triumphing For Man’s Good; 1974; pp. 28)

The New World Translation has undertaken to draw its readers as closely as possible to the original divinely inspired writing. It merits serious study. (The Watchtower; 8/15/1979; pp. 16)

Though personified as a “helper,” the holy spirit is not a person, for a Greek neuter pronoun (rendered “it”) is applied to the spirit. Hebrew feminine pronouns are similarly applied to wisdom personified. (Proverbs 1:20-33; 8:1-36). (The Watchtower; 9/15/1992; pp. 16)

Bible: Replaced By Tradition

The apostles being thus out of the way, the composite lawless man came out into the open and followed his self-exalting lawless course of conduct. He set himself up as an apostate clergy in power over the religious interests of professed Christians. The clerical word was more powerful than the written Word of God. The clergy put the traditions of men up above the laws of God and nullified them. (What Has Religion Done For Mankind?; 1951; pp. 321)

Bible: Who It Applies To

Hereinbefore are set out the scriptures referring to those who are taken out of the world as a people for Jehovah’s name. The same scriptures up to a certain point apply to all who will ever get life. (Riches; 1936; pp. 141)

Special attention was being given to making up the government that would rule mankind for 1,000 years, and nearly all the inspired letters in the Christian Greek Scriptures are primarily directed to this group of kingdom heirs – “the holy ones,” “partakers of the heavenly calling.” (United In Worship of the Only True God; 1983; pp. 111)

Bible Study

Furthermore, not only do we find that people cannot see the Divine Plan in studying the Bible by itself, but we see, also, that if anyone lays the Scripture Studies aside, even after he has used them, after he has become familiar with them, after he has read them for ten years – if he lays them aside and ignores them and goes to the Bible alone, though he has understood his Bible for ten years, our experience shows that within two years he goes into darkness. On the other hand, if he had merely read the Scripture Studies with their references, and had not read a page of the Bible, as such, he would be in the light at the end of the two years, because he would have the light of the Scriptures. (The Watchtower; 9/15/1910; pp. 298)

It has long been the practice of clergymen to arrogate to themselves the sole ability to interpret the Scriptures. (Creation; 1927; 2,175,000 ed.; pp. 148)

The clergy tell the people that they ‘need not study the Bible, because they cannot understand it’, that the clergy are the only ones who can understand it, and that therefore the people should take their instruction from the clergy and follow what they tell them. That speech tends to turn the people away from Jehovah God and to cause them to forsake his Word. (Prophecy; 1929; pp. 21)

Now, since the Lord has invited us to “reason together”, no man can reason unless he puts aside prejudice. Neither should any man permit any one else to do his thinking, whether that man be a rabbi or preacher. (Life; 1929; 1,000,000 ed.; pp. 210)

They even go to the point of persecuting the humble men and women who try to study and teach the Word of God, which is the truth. Many a member of a church has been told by his pastor: “You had better not read any books or study for yourself. Leave all that to us preachers. We are the guardians of your soul, and your only teachers.” (Life; 1929; 1,000,000 ed.; pp. 216)

Anyone who would receive the riches of Jehovah God must gain a knowledge of the truth, and this can be gained only by a careful study of God’s Word and the helps which he has provided to understand the same. (Riches; 1936; pp. 106)

Those of good will called “Jonadabs” must now inform themselves of the truth, and this can be done only by the study of the scriptures and the printed literature that helps to understand the prophecies now in fulfillment. (Riches; 1936; pp. 167)

Those laymen who were trying to search for Bible truths without complete trust in the clergy and dependence on them were especially despised, considered spiritually ulcerous and viewed as religiously poor, out of Abraham’s favor, and fit to mix only with dogs to whom holy things should not be given. A class like the beggar Lazarus they were! The clergy and their allies tried to keep these in Babylonian bondage to themselves. (What Has Religion Done For Mankind?; 1951; pp. 307)

But if each of us were left to himself just because he has a copy of the Bible and were to direct his movements independently as he thought he understood the Word, what? It is likely, or possible, that there would be a great deal of confusion or working in competition among us. Hence, besides individually possessing God’s Word, we need a theocratic organization. Yes, besides having God’s spirit of illumination, a Christian needs Jehovah’s theocratic organization in order to understand the Bible. (The Watchtower; 6/15/1951; pp. 375)

To respond to this invitation to inquire of Jehovah the Creator, we must go to his written revelation, the Holy Bible, and study it with the help of his theocratic organization. (New Heavens And A New Earth; 1953; pp. 18)

“New Heavens and a New Earth” is new, inspiring, exciting – different! Millions of copies of this most remarkable book are already in the hands of the people. And no wonder! Its stimulating message is as sound and refreshing as the Bible. (You May Survive Armageddon Into God’s New World, 1955; advert)

The world is full of Bibles, which Book contains the commandments of God. Why, then, do the people not know which way to go? Because they do not also have the teaching or law of the mother, which is light. Jehovah God has provided his holy written Word for all mankind and it contains all the information that is needed for men in taking a course leading to life. But God has not arranged for that Word to speak independently or to shine forth life-giving truths by itself. His Word says: “Light is sown for the righteous.” (Ps. 97:11) It is through his organization that God provides this light that the proverb says is the teaching or law of the mother. If we are to walk in the light of truth we must recognize not only Jehovah God as our Father but his organization as our mother. (The Watchtower; 5/1/1957; pp. 274)

Thus the Bible is an organizational book and belongs to the Christian congregation as an organization, not to individuals, regardless of how sincerely they may believe that they can interpret the Bible. For this reason the Bible cannot be properly understood without Jehovah’s visible organization in mind. (The Watchtower; 10/1/1967; pp. 587)

Only this organization functions for Jehovah’s purpose and to his praise. To it alone God’s Sacred Word, the Bible, is not a sealed book. (The Watchtower; 7/1/1973; pp. 402)

They say that it is sufficient to read the Bible exclusively, either alone or in small groups at home. But, strangely, through such ‘Bible reading,’ they have reverted right back to the apostate doctrines that commentaries by Christendom’s clergy were teaching 100 years ago,… (The Watchtower; 8/15/1981; pp. 29)

No matter where we may live on earth, God’s Word continues to serve as a light to our path and a lamp to our roadway as to our conduct and beliefs. (Ps. 119:105) But Jehovah God has also provided his visible organization, his “faithful and discreet slave,” made up of spirit anointed ones, to help Christians in all nations to understand and apply properly the Bible in their lives. Unless we are in touch with this channel of communication that God is using, we will not progress along the road to life, no matter how much Bible reading we do. (The Watchtower; 12/1/1981; pp. 27)

We have the opportunity to show love for our brothers who take the lead in the congregation or in connection with Jehovah’s visible organization worldwide. This includes being loyal to “the faithful and discreet slave.” (Matthew 24:45-47) Let us face the fact that no matter how much Bible reading we have done, we would never have learned the truth on our own. (The Watchtower; 12/1/1990; pp. 19)

It is obvious that we need help if we are to understand the Bible. Clergyman Hal Llewellyn, the United Church’s secretary of theology, faith, and ecumenism, said: “It is very important to clarify what the Bible means to us and how it is read and interpreted.” But even if not all realize it, the fact is that we cannot understand the Bible on our own. We need help. (The Watchtower; 10/1/1994; pp. 6)

Channel to understanding the Bible… All who want to understand the Bible should appreciate that the “greatly diversified wisdom of God” can become known only through Jehovah’s channel of communication, the faithful and discreet slave. (The Watchtower; 10/1/1994; pp. 8)

Blood and Medicine

Would it be proper to accept a vaccination or some other medical injection containing albumin derived from human blood? Frankly, each Christian must personally decide on this. (The Watchtower; 10/1/1994; pp. 31)

Children: Advice Against Having Any

Should men and women, both of whom are Jonadabs or “other sheep” of the Lord, now marry before Armageddon and bring forth children? They may chose to do so, but the admonition or advice of the scriptures appears to be against it. (Children; 1941; 3,000,000 ed.; pp. 312)

The prophetic picture seems to set forth the correct rule, to wit: The three sons of Noah and their wives were in the ark and were saved from the flood. They did not have any children, however, until after the flood. They began to have children two years after the flood. (Genesis 11:10,11) No children were taken into the ark and none were born in the ark, and hence none were brought out of the ark. Only eight persons went in and eight came out of the ark. (1 Peter 3:20; Genesis 8:18) That would appear to indicate that it would be proper that those who will form the “great multitude” should wait until after Armageddon to bring children into the world. (Children; 1941; 3,000,000 ed.; pp. 312-313)

Children: A Personal Decision

Nowhere does the Bible discuss the use of contraceptives or birth control in marriage, nor does it say that Christians are obliged to produce children. God’s Word leaves the question of family planning to the conscience of each Christian couple. By imposing its ruling about birth control, the Catholic Church has gone “beyond the things that are written.” – 1 Corinthians 4:6 (The Watchtower; 6/15/1989; pp. 28)

Christ: A Composite Class

As they were baptized into Moses in the sea and in the cloud, the acceptance of Christ as instead of Moses would imply that they were in Christ as members of his body, under him as their head, and, through association with him, ministers of the New Covenant, of which the complete, glorified Christ, head and body, will be the Mediator. (The New Creation; 1899; 1915 ed.; pp. 432)

It seems quite certain from the Scriptures that when the new covenant is inaugurated and begins to function, the church, which is the body of Christ, will have part in the mediatorial work. (The Watchtower; 5/1/1928; pp. 135)

Hence the Christ, or the Anointed One, is a collective or composite company, Christ Jesus being the head and the 144,000 members of his church being the body. (The New World; 1942; 2,000,000 ed.; pp. 96)

Cleanliness: Importance

It has been said that “cleanliness is next to godliness.” True, a person who is morally and physically clean may not be godly. But a godly person must, of necessity, be morally and physically clean. (The Watchtower; 6/1/1989; pp. 16)

Nothing is sacred to the Devil’s crowd walking along the “broad and spacious … road leading off into destruction.” Not only are they spiritually and morally unclean but in many cases they are physically unclean and their appearance is slovenly, to say the least. (The Watchtower; 6/1/1989; pp. 15)

Clergy Rule

In the Middle Ages, clergy rule meant the destruction of personal liberties. (The Watchtower; 9/1/1989; pp. 3)

Beginning in the 11th century, the papacy took over the role of leader in Europe. In this regard, the Columbia History of the World, edited by John Garraty and Peter Gay, says: “The church was Europe’s greatest government.” This book also observes that the church was able to “wield more political power than any Western government.” What was the situation of the people under clergy rule? No one was free to worship as he pleased or express opinions conflicting with those of the clergy. This clerical intolerance created a climate of fear throughout Europe. (The Watchtower; 9/1/1989; pp. 3)

Creation: When Did It Begin?

The creative week itself began about 46,025 B.C., according to the Bible’s timetable. (New Heavens And A New Earth; 1953; pp. 43)

Creation: How Long Were The Days? That “seventh day” on which God desisted from work and which he consecrated was not a 24-hour day, but it is of the length of the preceding six days. The Bible speaks of this “seventh day” as still continuing, because it is 7,000 years long. (What Has Religion Done For Mankind?; 1951; pp. 47)


Picture of Christ on a cross. (Creation; 1927; 2,175,000 ed.; pp. 265)

Picture of Christ on a cross. (Creation; 1927; 2,175,000 ed.; pp. 336)

Picture of Christ on a cross. (The Harp of God; 1921; 1928 ed.; pp. 113)

Picture of Christ carrying a cross. (Life; 1929; 1,000,000 ed.; pp. 198)

Jesus was crucified upon the cross; but it is a well-known fact that, contrary to the custom in respect to the victims of crucifixion, not one bone of his body was broken. (Life; 1929; 1,000,000 ed.; pp. 216)

It is not normal to cherish and adore the instrument used to murder someone we love. (The Truth That Leads To Eternal Life; 1968; 40,000,000 ed.; pp. 143)

Dead: Contact With

While the glorified members of the Kingdom beyond the vail are doing a work in shaping the current of present events and preparing for the glorious reign, those on this side of the vail have also an important work. (Thy Kingdom Come; 1891; 1915 ed.; pp. 303)

Additionally, such should remember that they themselves, on the other side of the veil, will have still as good an opportunity of watching over the interests of their loved ones as they now have, and a much better opportunity than now to exercise a protecting care over them – a providential guidance in their affairs under divine wisdom, with which they will concur absolutely. (The New Creation; 1899; 1915 ed.; pp. 555-556)

Now Satan knows that his time is very short until the great fight at Armageddon takes place, and he hastens to drive all men into spiritism or devilism and therefore against God; and for that reason at the present time there is a great turning to spiritism and spirit mediums throughout the land. (Riches; 1936; pp. 101)

We are also aware that those who indulge in any form of spiritism – practicing divination, employing witchcraft or trying to communicate with the dead – are “something detestable to Jehovah.” (United In Worship Of The Only True God; 1983; pp. 66)

Since we do not practice spiritism, we are free of domination by demons. (The Watchtower; 3/15/1992; pp. 20)

“And in response one of the elders said to me: ‘These who are dressed in the white robes, who are they and where did they come from?’ So right away I said to him: ‘My lord, you are the one that knows.’” (Revelation 7:13, 14a) Yes, that elder could locate the answer and give it to John. This suggests that resurrected ones of the 24-elders group may be involved in the communicating of divine truths today. (Revelation It’s Grand Climax At Hand!; 1988; pp. 125)


He should not be passed by on the street unnoticed by the brethren, but be treated courteously. (The New Creation; 1899; 1915 ed.; pp. 303)

We, therefore, leave to the Husbandman the pruning of the “vine” – the correction of every truly consecrated member of the Church of Christ – letting him do the excommunicating, recognizing that he did the planting and watering also, and brought forward the sprouting of every branch in the true Vine. (The New Creation; 1899; 1915 ed.; pp. 198.)

It is also proper to respect the judicial decisions of the elders. Paul told Christians at Corinth to “quit mixing in company with anyone called a brother that is a fornicator or a greedy person or an idolater or a reviler or a drunkard or an extortioner, not even eating with such a man.” They were to “remove the wicked man from among themselves.” (1 Corinthians 5:9-13) But how would you act if one of your relatives was disfellowshipped? While there might be a need for limited contact to care for family matters, all spiritual association with the disfellowshipped relative would have to be cut off. (See The Watchtower, April 15, 1988, pages 26-31) (The Watchtower; 9/15/1989; pp. 24)

Moreover, God does not expect Christians to forgive those who were once enlightened spiritually but who now willfully, unrepentantly practice wrongdoing. (Hebrews 10:26-31) In extreme cases, forgiveness may well be inappropriate. (The Watchtower; 9/15/1994; pp. 6)

There are times, however, when a servant of Jehovah cannot show compassion. (Compare Deuteronomy 13:6-9) For a Christian to “quit mixing in company” with a close friend or relative who has been disfellowshipped can be a real test. In such a case, it is important that one not give in to feelings of pity. (1 Corinthians 5:11-13) (The Watchtower; 11/1/1994; pp. 1)

Elders: Imposing Regulations

In the morning, we will receive some timely instruction warning us against “the man of lawlessness” and against going astray in matters of food and drink, grooming, and recreation. (The Watchtower; 5/1/1989; pp. 29)

Humbly slaving in behalf of others naturally restrains an elder from trying to “lord it over” them. And how good it is that our overseers display an attitude similar to Paul! He told Christians at Corinth: “We are not the masters over your faith, but we are fellow workers for your joy.” (2 Corinthians 1:24) Accordingly, those who exercise loving oversight do not burden fellow believers with unnecessary human regulations. (The Watchtower; 9/15/1989; pp. 17)

For one thing, in cases involving personal differences, it may be possible for individuals to settle matters privately. (Matthew 18:15-17) Since elders are not “masters over our faith,” they are not expected to look into purely personal affairs that do not involve serious violations of Bible laws or principles. (The Watchtower; 9/15/1989; pp. 18)

We need to show respect for the direction of the elders even in small matters. So we might ask ourselves: “Am I cooperative if the elders ask me to visit the sick or train new ones in the field ministry? Do I readily accept assignments for meetings and prepare them well? Am I receptive when elders give direction on seat saving at conventions, our manner of dress, and so forth?” (The Watchtower; 9/15/1989; pp. 25)

Godly devotion involves everything we do. Thus, a three-part discussion warned Christians to “Avoid Going Astray” in the area of food and drink, dress and grooming, and entertainment. Gluttony and drunkenness are forms of greediness that dull spiritual senses, cause health problems, induce bad conduct, and lead to accidents. Extreme styles of dress – immodest, bizarre, outlandish, even shocking – must be avoided. Sloppy, overly casual, or tight fitting clothes are out of place. The issue is not whether a style is fashionable, but whether it is appropriate for a minister of God. (The Watchtower; 1/15/1990; pp. 26)

Since the Bible does not mention abstinence from beverages containing caffeine, the decision about coffee or tea must be made individually. (The Watchtower; 2/15/1990; pp. 29)

An elder could think that in order to be theocratic, the brothers should obey all sorts of rules. Some elders have made rules out of suggestions given from time to time by “the faithful and discreet slave.” (Matthew 24:45) For instance, it was once suggested that for the sake of more readily getting to know the brothers in the congregation, it might be good not always to sit in the same seat in the Kingdom Hall. This was meant to be a practical suggestion, not a hard-and-fast rule. But some elders may be inclined to convert it into a rule and to feel that those who do not follow it are not theocratic. Yet, there are many good reasons why a brother or sister might prefer to sit in a certain area. If an elder does not lovingly take such things into account, is he himself truly being theocratic? To be theocratic, “let all your affairs take place with love.” – 1 Corinthians 16:14. (The Watchtower; 7/1/1994; pp. 27)

Jehovah has given us much freedom within the bounds of his laws and principles. Thus elders should avoid setting rules where Scriptural principles are not violated. And they should resist any tendency to offer their own personal opinions as dogma or to let their ego get in the way if someone disagrees with such views. (The Watchtower; 10/1/1994; pp. 20)

Enoch’s Death

Thus God translated Enoch, or put him in a trance, somewhat like the trance an apostle of Jesus Christ experienced thousands of years later. (2 Corinthians 12:1-4) What Enoch saw and heard while he was held bound and entranced with that new world vision of Paradise restored, he was not permitted to utter to men. While Enoch was in the trance, “God took him,” that is, God let Enoch’s life expire peaceably. He felt no pangs of death; he did not see or realize he was dying. (The Truth Shall Make You Free; 1943; 2,000,000 ed.; pp. 127)


Faith means to obtain a truthful knowledge and then to confidently rely upon that knowledge. Faith in God means to acquire the truth and facts concerning God and then to confidently rely upon that. (Creation; 1927; 2,175,000 ed.; pp. 9)

Prior to the coming of the Lord to his temple sincere students of the Bible had understood that the “great multitude” mentioned at Revelation seven is a spiritual company of secondary importance, possessing a less degree of faith than that of those who shall reign with Christ. That view could not be correct, for the following reasons: No one can please God unless he has and exercises faith and is faithful. “God is no respector of persons,” and he changes not. (Acts 10:34; Malachi 3:6) All of mankind who get life must have and exercise faith and must prove faithful. It is only such that have part in the vindication of Jehovah’s name. A “secondary class of less faith,” therefore, is wholly inconsistent with God’s purpose. (Children; 1941; 3,000,000 ed.; pp. 188)

Solitary confinement with nothing to do is a horrible experience. But since we had never missed a Christian meeting and we were still young, we could recall almost all the Watchtower articles. Consequently, our faith kept strong, and we were able to endure. (The Watchtower; 5/1/1989; pp. 12)

Finished Mystery

Likewise, in July of 1917 there began a slaughter of the modern prophets of Baal in Christendom by the publication of the book The Finished Mystery. (Let Your Name Be Sanctified; 1961; pp. 309-310)

In June of 1920, when the book The Finished Mystery was released from under ban, these servants of Jehovah renewed the circulating of the book. With the use of it as a textbook they continued to study the Bible book of Ezekiel. Later, in the years 1931 and 1932, a more advanced, up-to-date understanding of the prophecy of Ezekiel was published in the form of three volumes of the book called “Vindication”, published by the Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society. (The Nations Shall Know That I Am Jehovah; 1971; 2nd ed.; pp. 65)


According to Psalm 90, verses 9 and 10, that Hebrew prophet recognized that a life span might be some 70 or 80 years – brief indeed. (The Watchtower; 2/1/1994; pp. 15)

God: Does Not Allow Serving Of Another “god”

Fleshly desires can come between a person and God. Paul says of such that “their god is their belly.” (Phillipians 3:18,19) In other words, they have another “god” apart from Jehovah, putting first their own fleshly desires. Such conduct can exclude a person from God’s Kingdom. (1 Corinthians 6:9,10) (The Watchtower; 4/15/1990; pp. 31)

A dictionary defines “jealous” as “intolerant of rivalry” and as “exacting exclusive devotion.” Thus, Moses stated at Exodus 34:14: “You must not prostrate yourself to another god, because Jehovah, whose name is Jealous, he is a jealous God.” (The Watchtower; 10/15/1993; pp. 19)

God: Not Omniscient

Because of such cruel slaughter in anger and fury, Simeon and Levi disqualified themselves of either one having his line of descent lead down to the Messianic “seed.” So this honorable privilege must now go to some other son aside from Simeon and Levi and the natural firstborn son Rueben. (Genesis 49:5-7) Certainly Jehovah God had not planned matters this way. He now had to adapt himself to the new set of circumstances. (God’s “Eternal Purpose” Now Triumphing For Man’s Good; 1974; pp. 97)

Jehovah can read hearts and minds, and he knows those who will likely respond to his love even though they may not yet know him. (The Watchtower; 8/15/1994; pp. 17)

God: Not Omnipresent

While it would be unreasonable in the extreme to think of a God getting personally into a hundred, a thousand, or a million men, there is not the slightest unreasonableness in the thought that the power of the Highest, the power, the influence of Jehovah could be in and upon hundreds, thousands, or millions without in anywise interfering with the personal presence of Jehovah upon the throne of the universe. (At-One-Ment Between God And Man; 1899; 1915 ed.; pp. 269)

God: How Should We Serve Him?

If you are sincerely doing all you can within your limitations to fulfill your obligations to God, be happy doing that. Jehovah asks no more of you. (The Watchtower; 2/15/1990; pp. 23)

God: What Does “Knowing Him” Mean?

To know God means to be well acquainted with his personality, to recognize his authority, and then to act in harmony with what we know about him. (True Peace And Security; 1986; 33,000,000 ed.; pp. 163)

God: What is He?

God is not a spirit creature, but he is a spirit Being. (Creation; 1927; 2,175,000 ed.; pp. 14)

God: Does He Have a Body?

But let none get the thought that the body is the soul: this is an error, as our Lord’s words clearly show, – “God is able to destroy both soul and body.” But on the other hand there can be no soul, no sentient being without a body – heavenly or earthly, spiritual or animal. (At-One-Ment Between God And Man, 1899; 1915 ed.; pp. 339)

God: Where Does He Live?

Photo documentation of these quotes may be seen here
The face of the deep, of course, would be toward the Pleiades, which are claimed to be the habitation of Jehovah. (Creation; 1927; 2,175,000 ed.; pp. 94)

The constellation of the seven stars forming the Pleiades appears to be the crowning center around which the known systems of the planets revolve even as our sun’s planets obey the sun and travel in their respective orbits. It has been suggested, and with much weight, that one of the stars of that group is the dwelling-place of Jehovah and the place of the highest heavens;… (Reconciliation; 1928; pp. 14)

The constellation of the Pleiades is a small one compared with others which scientific instruments disclose to the wondering eyes of man. But the greatness in size of other stars or planets is small when compared with the Pleiades in importance, because the Pleiades is the place of the eternal throne of God. (Reconciliation; 1928; pp. 14)

Higher Powers: Earthly Government

With considerable misunderstanding they had accepted earthly political governments as the “superior authorities” that God had ordained according to Romans 13:1; and as a result the Witnesses had been held in fear of man, particularly the civil rulers. (Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Divine Purpose; 1959; pp. 91)

Who are the “superior authorities” to whom Christians are to be in subjection? The duly constituted political governments of this world. (The Watchtower; 1/1/1963; pp. 31)

Higher Powers: Jehovah and Jesus

A misunderstanding of what constitutes “the higher powers” has caused many persons to be held in restraint or in Babylon’s prison… Those inspired words do not refer to the governments or rulers of the nations of earth. That scripture is addressed “to all that be… called to be saints” (Romans 1:7) and to no others, and the “higher powers’ over such are Jehovah God and Christ Jesus, that is, God and his royal house in heaven. (Riches; 1936; pp. 219)
Many honest persons have been led to believe that the “higher powers” are and were the visible rulers of this wicked world; but when God enlightened his people and made known to them that the “Higher Powers” are Jehovah and Christ Jesus, this information was passed on to other honest people of good will, and many others have since joyfully accepted and recognized and acknowledged Christ Jesus and Jehovah as the “higher powers.” (Riches; 1936; pp. 322)

They must recognize God and Christ Jesus as the only “Higher Powers.” (Religion; 1940; 2,000,000 ed.; pp. 206)

He is higher than all earthly kings and princes and mighty ones, and such ones are not the “higher powers” “ordained of God” as the religious clergy claim. (The New World; 1942; 2,000,000 ed.; pp. 293)

This doctrine they based on the apostle’s words at Romans 13:1, “Let every soul be subject to higher powers: for there is no power but from God.” (Dy) Scripturally these words now apply to the heavenly “superior authorities” of God’s theocratic organization and not to worldly political powers like Nimrod and other totalitarian rulers. (What Has Religion Done For Mankind?; 1951; pp. 292)

Holy Spirit: Baptizing In The Name Of

The holy spirit, which Jehovah prophesied that he would pour out in the last days, has not ceased to operate, for the remnant are still baptizing disciples of Christ in the name of that spirit. (Holy Spirit, 1976; pp. 148)

Holy Spirit: Direction Received From

Though Jehovah’s people do not now receive visions, both prayers and direction by holy spirit help them to make similar wise decisions affecting Kingdom interests. (The Watchtower; 6/15/1990; pp. 19)

Holy Spirit: Gifts Have Passed Away

When the congregation of spiritual Israel had become firmly established on the twelve apostolic foundations and had grown to maturity, the miraculous gifts of its infancy would be needed no more and would be put away. … This accounts for it that miraculous gifts of the spirit are not bestowed upon the remnant today of members of Christ’s body. (This Means Everlasting Life; 1950; pp. 169)

When the congregation was in its infancy in the apostolic times it needed certain helps, like a babe, such as miraculous gifts of tongues, translations, knowledge, revelations of mysteries, and prophecies. … with the death of the apostles through whom the miraculous gifts of the spirit were distributed to the believers, tongues, translations, healings, and such spiritual gifts failed and passed away. (This Means Everlasting Life; 1950; pp. 177)

The true Christian congregation of Jehovah’s witnesses, although associated with the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society since its incorporation in 1884 and therefore reputed to be a “new religion” and “one of the youngest sects”, is no longer in its infancy. It does not need now the things of the Christian congregations infancy, such as the spirit’s miraculous gifts of tongues, physical healings, etc. It is now really in its old age and it dignifiedly shows all the development, soundness of mind, stability and integrity of full maturity. (New Heavens And A New Earth; 1953; pp. 326)

Sickness is the lot of imperfect, dying mankind. Christians are no exception, and most of them are not medical professionals, nor can they perform miracles as did some early Christians who received such powers from Christ and his apostles. With the death of Christ’s apostles and their immediate associates, such miraculous powers passed away. Hence, our ability to aid those who suffer from physical sickness, including brain dysfunction and hallucinations, is limited. (The Watchtower; 11/1/1994; pp. 20)

Holy Spirit: Sinning Against

Those who resist the holy spirit then so evidently in operation will suffer the penalty for sinning against the holy spirit, namely, eternal death. (Holy Spirit, 1976; pp. 179)

Heavenly Hope: Who Has It?

Anyone reading the Christian Greek Scriptures can readily see that, starting with Pentecost of 33 C.E., the hope held out to believers was of sharing with Jesus Christ in his kingdom rule in heaven. (True Peace And Security – From What Source; 1973; pp. 67)

Anyone reading the Christian Greek Scriptures can readily see that starting with Pentecost 33 C.E., others were being invited to share with Jesus Christ in his heavenly kingdom rule. (True Peace And Security; 1986; 33,000,000 ed.; pp. 65)

Were those apostles and other Christian Bible writers setting before the baptized believers and earthly hope of becoming the children of the Eternal Father, Jesus Christ, and living on a paradise earth forever? No! They were setting before those to whom they preached and wrote the hope then of those begotten as children of God, the sons of Jehovah (Isaiah 9:6,7) In the inspired Christian writings the disciples of the day were assured that they had the calling to a kingdom that was heavenly and that their hope was that of being joint heirs with Jesus Christ above. (Holy Spirit, 1976; pp. 129)

In reading the Christian Greek Scriptures we observe that the hope held out to all those who accepted the preaching of Jesus and his apostles was that of sharing with Jesus Christ in his Kingdom rule in heaven. (2 Timothy 2:12; Hebrews 3:1; 1 Peter 1:1-4) (Life Does Have a Purpose; 1977; pp. 138)

For a time after Jesus had inaugurated the “new and living way” to heavenly life, all Christians were being invited to share in that hope. (Hebrews 9:24; 10:19,20) (The Watchtower, 6/15/1989; pp. 6)

Why is such a relatively small number of people “bought from the earth” for life in heaven? The same book of Revelation gives us the reason for the limited number. We read in chapter 20 verses 5 and 6: “This is the first resurrection. Happy and holy is anyone having part in the first resurrection; over these the second death has no authority, but they will be priests of God and of the Christ, and will rule as kings with him for the thousand years.” – See also Revelation 5:9,10 Very obviously, not all humans will rule as kings and priests, for if all were kings, over whom would they “rule”? (The Watchtower, 6/15/1989; pp. 6)

Jehovah: Importance of the Name

Our salvation on the day of judgement will be related to our knowing the name of God. To know his name includes knowing his attributes, works, and purposes and living in harmony with his high principles. (The Watchtower; 11/1/1993; pp. 4)

Jesus: Above All Angels

Such was the design of Jehovah for Jesus, viz., that he would highly exalt him above the human plane, and above his prehuman condition; above all angels, principalities and powers, to his own right hand (condition of chief favor, next to Jehovah) and make him a partaker of immortality – the divine nature. (Tabernacle Shadows of the “Better Sacrifices”; 1915; pp. 52)

Jesus: Beholding Him

It is just as impossible for men to see the unveiled glory of the Lord Jesus as it is for them to behold Jehovah. (The Time Is At Hand; 1889; 1915 ed.; pp. 131)

No man can see a spirit creature or being and live. (Creation; 1927; 2,175,000 ed.; pp. 18)

Jesus: Helped Create All Other Things

Also, because of Christ’s previous experience in heaven, where he worked with his Father in the creation of all other things, he understands the makeup of men and women. (Life Does Have a Purpose; 1977; pp. 139)

Jesus: The Image Of God

Since the firstborn heavenly son bore the “image” of his heavenly Father and was according to his “likeness,” God could properly say to him, “Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness.” One’s being in the image of God and according to his likeness would never mean that one was the equal of Jehovah God. An “image” is not the real thing. (God’s “Eternal Purpose” Now Triumphing For Man’s Good; 1974; pp. 37)

Jesus: Mediator: Not For Everyone

The new covenant will terminate with the glorification of the remnant who are today in that covenant mediated by Christ. The “great crowd” of “other sheep” that is forming today is not in that new covenant. However, by their associating with the “little flock” of those yet in that covenant they come under benefits that flow from that new covenant. (The Watchtower; 4/1/1979; pp. 31)

What, then, is Christ’s role in this program of salvation? Paul proceeds to say: “There is one God, and one mediator between God and men [not, all men], a man Christ Jesus, who gave himself a corresponding ransom for all..” (The Watchtower; 11/15/1979; pp. 26)

In what sense does Paul use the term “mediator” when referring to Jesus at 1 Timothy 2:5-6? In this text, Paul uses the Greek word [ me-si` tes] for “mediator,” which term has a legal significance, so he is not using this word in the broad sense common in many languages. Hence, Paul is not saying that Jesus is Mediator between God and all mankind. Rather, he is referring to Christ as legal Mediator of the new covenant, which laid the basis for Christ’s anointed followers to share with him in his heavenly Kingdom. (The Watchtower, 12/15/1989; pp. 30)

Jesus: Michael the Archangel

His position is contrasted with that of men and angels, as he is Lord of both, having all power in heaven and earth. Hence it is said, “Let all the angels of God worship him; [that must include Michael, the chief angel, hence Michael is not the Son of God] and the reason is, because he has “by inheritance obtained a more excellent Name than they.” (The Watchtower; 11/1879; pp. 4)

There is Scriptural evidence for concluding that Michael was the name of Jesus Christ before he left heaven and after his return. (The Watchtower; 5/15/1969; pp. 307)

Jesus: Passover Lamb Is Typical Of

That lamb was unique in a number of respects. For instance, many animal sacrifices of the mosaic law were presented by a single individual in connection with personal sins or guilt, and parts of the animals were burned on the altar. (Leviticus 4:22-35) Some meat from the communion offering was given to the officiating priest or to other priests. (Lev 7:11-38) However, the paschal, or Passover, lamb was not used on the altar, and it was offered by a group of people, usually a family, who were the ones to eat it. – Exodus 12:4, 8-11 … This lamb undeniably pointed to , or typified, the sacrifice of Jesus. We know this because the apostle Paul called Jesus “our passover [who] has been sacrificed.” (1 Corinthians 5:7) (The Watchtower, 12/15/1990; pp. 12)

Jesus: Resurrection: A Spirit Creature

The creating of the body and clothing in which he appeared to them, in the very room in which they were gathered, was proof unquestionable that Christ was no longer a human being, though he assured his disciples that the body which they saw, and which Thomas handled, was a veritable flesh and bone body, and not a mere vision or appearance. (The Time Is At Hand; 1889; 1915 ed.; pp. 126)

The bodies in which Jesus manifested himself to his disciples after his return to life were not the body in which he was nailed to the tree. They were merely materialized for the occasion, resembling on one or two occasions the body in which he died, but on the majority of occasions being unrecognizable by his most intimate disciples. (The Kingdom Is At Hand, 1944; pp. 259)

Having given up his flesh for the life of the world, Christ could never take it again and become a man once more. For that basic reason his return could never be in the human body that he sacrificed once for all time. (You Can Live Forever In Paradise On Earth, 1982; pp. 143)

He was the first to be raised as a spirit person. (You Can Live Forever In Paradise On Earth, 1982; pp. 172)

Jesus wanted to leave no doubt in the minds of his disciples. Thus as Luke relates: “By many positive proofs [Jesus] showed himself alive after he had suffered, being seen by them throughout forty days.” (Watchtower; 12/15/1989; pp. 10)

According to the Bible, then, Jesus had a prehuman existence as the Word. When on the earth, he was not a divine god-man. He was wholly human, though perfect, as Adam originally was. Since Jesus’ resurrection, he has been an exalted immortal spirit ever subordinate to God. (The Watchtower; 1/15/1992; pp. 23)

Jesus: Resurrection: Removal of His Body

Our Lord’s human body was, however, supernaturally removed from the tomb; because had it remained there it would have been an insurmountable obstacle to the faith of the disciples, who were not yet instructed in spiritual things – for “the spirit was not yet given.” (John 7:39) We know nothing about what became of it, except that it did not decay or corrupt. (Acts 2:27,31) Whether it was dissolved into gasses or whether it is still preserved somewhere as the grand memorial of God’s love, of Christ’s obedience, and of our redemption, no one knows; – nor is such knowledge necessary. (The Time Is At Hand; 1889; 1915 ed.; pp. 129)

Our Lord’s human body, the one crucified, was removed from the tomb by the power of God. Had it remained there it would have been an obstacle in the way of the faith of his disciples, who were not yet instructed in spiritual things. They were not thus instructed until the giving of the holy spirit at Pentecost. The scriptures do not reveal what became of that body, except that it did not decay or corrupt. (Acts 2:27-31) We can only surmise that the Lord may have preserved it somewhere to exhibit to the people of the millennial age. (The Harp Of God, 1921; 1928 ed.; pp. 172)

Jesus: Worshipped

As the special messenger of the Covenant, whom the Father had sanctified and sent into the world to redeem the world, and whom the Father honored in every manner, testifying, “This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased” – it was eminently proper that all who beheld his glory, as the glory of an Only Begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth, should reverence him, hear him, obey him, and worship him – do him homage – as the representative of the Father. (At-One-Ment Between God And Man, 1899; 1915 ed.; pp. 134)

It is claimed by some that the fact that our Lord Jesus received worship without rebuke signifies that he is Jehovah. Our Lord’s words above quoted are supposed to imply that for any being but Jehovah to receive worship would be wrong. We answer, not so! To so interpret these words is to think into them a meaning which they do not contain, and to make them contradictory to the teachings of other Scriptures. Jehovah’s decree respecting Christ, “Thou are my son, this day have I begotten thee,” had already been recorded through the prophets; and also his decree, “Let all the angels of God worship him.” (Psalm 2:7; 7:7; Heb 1:5,6) Our Lord Jesus knew this. He also knew that the angelic messengers of Jehovah had in the past been worshipped as representatives of Jehovah; and that he himself was the chief messenger, the Only Begotten Son… (At-One-Ment Between God And Man, 1899; 1915 ed.; pp. 72)

Relative honor to God through an angel was reproved in these words: “Be careful! Do not do that! … Worship God.” (Revelation 19:10) (Let God Be True; 1952; pp. 151)

Though Psalm 97:7, which speaks about worshipping God, was applied to Christ at Hebrews 1:6, Paul had shown that the resurrected Jesus is “the reflection of [God’s] glory and the exact representation of his very being.” (Hebrews 1:1-3) So any “worship” the angels give God’s Son is relative and is directed through him to Jehovah. (The Watchtower; 1/15/1992; pp. 23)

John 1:1

Be it noted that the apostle, writing under inspiration, tells us that “The Logos was in the beginning with the God, and the Logos was a God.” This is the literal translation of the Greek, as can be readily confirmed by any one, whether a Greek scholar or not. (At-One-Ment Between God And Man, 1899; 1915 ed.; pp. 86)

Justification: Great Crowd

As long, then, as the anointed members of the royal priesthood, meaning the anointed remnant, live on the earth and continue to preach “this gospel of the kingdom”, the Jonadab company must keep in company and in harmony with Jehovah’s anointed and aid them in their work; otherwise the great Avenger will overtake them. (Riches, 1936; pp. 128)

The experience of the natural Jews with the Law of Moses for fifteen centuries illustrates that by our own works of self-righteousness we cannot be justified with God. We can be declared righteous by God only by our faith in him together with his Son Jesus Christ , the sin-removing Lamb of God. (This Means Everlasting Life, 1950; pp. 116)

He speaks of these [other] sheep as righteous. Not that they are at present justified by God for their faith to be acceptable for sacrifice with Christ in his death; but that they, in faith, have taken the right attitude toward Jehovah’s King and have acted right toward the King’s brothers and have joined with them in keeping God’s righteous commandments. (This Means Everlasting Life, 1950; pp. 242)

The other sheep come to the help of these [remnant], not just for indiscriminate, charitable, humanitarian reasons, but because they are the King’s ambassadors and preach the good news of everlasting life by God’s kingdom. In this way they do their good deeds indirectly to the King. This is the basis upon which the King’s favorable judgement rests. (This Means Everlasting Life, 1950; pp. 243)

The goats as well as the sheep work out their destiny by the way in which they treat the remnant of the King’s brothers, the remnant of the 144,000 spiritual Israelites. The reason why one’s treatment of the remnant determines one’s destiny is that the remnant have been anointed with Jehovah’s spirit in these last days and are in line for a place on the heavenly throne with the King. Mistreatment of the remnant brings the greatest punishment, for it is an overt assault against the kingdom. (You May Survive Armageddon Into God’s New World, 1955; pp. 190)

In the Most Holy of God’s presence Jehovah’s High Priest, the glorified Jesus Christ, will then apply the value of his human sacrifice in favor of his “other sheep”, beginning with these Armageddon survivors. These will not receive a justification “by faith” in consequence of this, but will begin to receive actual physical health benefits and healing in proof of the forgiveness of their sins. (You May Survive Armageddon Into God’s New World, 1955; pp. 352)

The Jehonadab “sheep” are gathered to the right hand of the King Jesus Christ, because of the loving way in which they treat the anointed remnant of Christ’s brothers. (Let Your Name Be Sanctified, 1961; pp. 358)

On the other hand, no person should think that by his own goodness or righteous acts he will receive God’s favor. (Romans 3:10) He would thereby be denying the fact that he is a sinner. (1 John 1:8-10) Such a misled individual is rejecting Christ’s sacrifice as unnecessary. It is an attempt to be self-righteous by works – to ‘obligate’ God to accept him because of his own personal ‘goodness.’ (Romans 4:2-8) Persons who have this attitude are not really serving God, but are setting their own standard in place of God’s. The futility of this effort was proved by the Jews who tried to get righteousness through the Mosaic law. (Life Does Have a Purpose; 1977; pp. 112)

Because such revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ can come at any time, we need to think seriously about our standing before God and Christ. We do not have endless time to build up a record of fine works that will result in our being viewed as approved by them. (Choosing The Best Way Of Life, 1979; pp. 175)

The King judges people according to their response to his “brothers” and the Kingdom message they proclaim. (Let Your Kingdom Come, 1981; pp. 154)

In Revelation chapter 7, the members of the “great crowd” are described as standing before the throne [of Jehovah] and before the Lamb, dressed in white robes, having “washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the lamb.” (Revelation 7:9,14) Their white robes symbolize their clean, righteous standing before Jehovah, which he grants them because of their faith in Christ’s redeeming blood. (The Watchtower, 6/1/1989; pp. 11)

Why are these sheeplike ones invited to “inherit the kingdom prepared for [them] from the founding of the world? The King tells them that it is because they did good to his “brothers” and thereby did it to him. By the expression “brothers,” the King means the remnant of his spiritual brothers still on earth in this conclusion of the system of things. (The Watchtower, 9/1/1989; pp. 20)

We have these debts because we are imperfect and cannot now fully measure up to God’s standards. It is for the forgiveness of these sins that we are privileged to pray. Happily, God can apply the merit of Jesus’ ransom sacrifice to these debts, or sins. (The Watchtower, 11/15/1989; pp. 18)

The benefits of Jesus’ ransom sacrifice thus extend far beyond the 144,000 anointed Christians to the entire world of mankind. “A great crowd” who are now living and thousands of millions who will be resurrected in the Paradise earth are to receive everlasting life on the basis of their faith in Jesus’ ransom sacrifice. (Watchtower, 1/15/1990; pp. 12)

When we take into consideration Bible prophecies that apply at the time of Christ’s presence, along with Jesus’ parable of the sheep and the goats, what do we see? This: It is not a case of unknowingly and by chance doing good to one of the King’s spiritual brothers that makes a person a sheep with a righteous standing before God and his King. Those of the sheep class know what they are doing, even though they do not see the reigning King with their literal eyes. (The Watchtower; 5/1/1993; pp. 20)

So, then, let all continue to zealously support the faithful and discreet slave. It is only by doing this that someday very soon all sheeplike ones will be able to hear these happy words: “Come, you who have been blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the founding of the world.” (The Watchtower; 5/1/1993; pp. 21)

Justification: Remnant

The believers whom Jehovah God accepts for sacrifice, for baptism into Christ’s death, he declares to be righteous for having faith in Jesus’ blood. The faithful apostles and other disciples of Jesus became justified in that way. Rom 5:1,9; 3:24-30 (This Means Everlasting Life, 1950; pp. 116)


A lie is a false statement made by one to another one who is entitled to know the truth, and which false statement tends to work injury to the other. (Riches, 1936; pp. 177)

As a soldier of Christ he is in theocratic warfare and he must exercise caution when dealing with God’s foes. Thus the Scriptures show that for the purpose of protecting the interests of God’s cause, it is proper to hide the truth from God’s enemies. (The Watchtower; 6/1/1960; pp. 352)


Jesus Christ taught that his followers should love not only their neighbors but also their enemies. (The Watchtower, 5/15/1989; pp. 3)

Man: His Purpose

The true God will not quit until he has realized the glorious purpose with which he started out when he put man on the earth. What was that purpose? The whole earth comfortably filled, with the human family enjoying peace and happiness in human perfection under God’s heavenly government. (The Nations Shall Know That I Am Jehovah, 1971; 2nd ed.; pp. 213)

Marriage: To Unbeliever: Sin

Paul urged Timothy to ‘keep exhorting and reproving with full authority.’ (Titus 2:15) Similarly, God’s representatives today direct us to Bible principles and laws. There are sound reasons to accept the repeated admonition to apply the counsel and direction of Jehovah’s organization and the appointed elders. To illustrate: the elders may urge a Christian to follow the Bible’s counsel to marry “only in the Lord.” (1 Corinthians 7:39; Deuteronomy 7:3,4) They may point out that marrying an unbaptized person can lead to serious problems, even as King Solomon erred gravely by taking foreign wives, who inclined his heart toward false gods and away from Jehovah. (The Watchtower, 9/15/1989; pp. 24)

For instance, if we are interested in getting married, we may need to ask Jehovah to deliver us from Satan’s designs and from temptation to cultivate worldly relationships that can lead to immorality or to disobeying God by marrying an unbeliever. (Deuteronomy 7:3,4; 1 Corinthians 7:39) (The Watchtower, 11/15/1989; pp. 19)

Millions: May Never Die

Correspondingly, a great spiritual blessing was poured out on February 24, 1918, which grew in proportion as the years followed. This was when the then president of the Watch Tower Society, J.F. Rutherford, delivered the famous speech in Los Angeles, California, on the startling subject “The World Has Ended – Millions Now Living May Never Die.” (Let Your Name Be Sanctified, 1961; pp. 310)

Millions: Will Never Die

“THE MULTITUDE OF… CATTLE may well picture those who are ‘marked in the forehead’ by the nointed class, and who are brought through the “tribulation”, and who are designated as ‘the Jonadab class’, and who later come over the “highway”, which class is also described as the ‘millions now living who will never die’. (Preparation, 1933; pp. 39)

Whereas the message “Millions Now Living Will Never Die” was renewed and continued to be preached and published, yet the main work was centered on gathering in all those remaining spiritual Israelites, symbolized by the “seven thousand” anti-Baalists in ancient Israel. (Let Your Name Be Sanctified, 1961; pp. 321)

For decades the exact identification of the “great multitude” had not been made. The address that Rutherford now gave had the ring of truth in identifying the “great multitude” of Revelation 7:9-17 (AV) with the “Jonadabs,” the “millions now living [who] will never die” because they will survive the battle of Armageddon and live obediently on earth under God’s kingdom by Christ. See The Watchtower, as of August 1 and 15, 1935. (Let Your Name Be Sanctified, 1961; pp. 321)

We should also zealously make known the glory of God’s kingship. Zeal for such Kingdom service was evident when, in 1922, J.F. Rutherford, then president of the Watch Tower Society, addressed conventioners at Cedar Point, Ohio, and said: “Since 1914 the King of glory has taken his power. … The kingdom of heaven is at hand; the king reigns; Satan’s empire is falling; millions now living will never die. Do you believe it?” (The Watchtower; 9/15/1990; pp. 17)

Mystery: Definition of

A mystery is that which is kept a profound secret. It is something unknown, except to certain ones, being kept carefully and continuously concealed from all others. (The Harp of God, 1921; 1928 ed.; pp. 185)


To avoid confusion it must be clearly observed that the “Nephilim”, or wicked demon giants, and the “spirits in prison” to which Jesus preached (1 Peter 3:19,20) are entirely separate and distinct from each other. The Devil and the Nephilim deceived the spiritual creatures designated “the sons of God” and induced them to materialize as men and take human women for wives, and to raise an offspring by such union, and all such offspring were destroyed in the flood. (See The Watchtower, 1934, pp. 263-266) Those “sons of God” who materialized as humans, were imprisoned by the Devil at the time of the flood. See proof, The Watchtower, 1934, pp. 275. (Religion, 1940; 2,000,000 ed.; pp. 24)

New Covenant: Established With Organization

Jehovah God announced that he would make a new covenant with a people, a Theocratic organization. The new covenant is not a personal covenant that some believing individual makes with God. No; but it is an organizational covenant. It is made through an individual, Christ Jesus the Mediator, but with an organization of people delivered by the most high God. (This Means Everlasting Life, 1950; pp. 110)

New Covenant: Great Crowd Excluded

Although the “great crowd” are not in the new covenant that Jesus Christ mediated for spiritual Israel, he unites them with the anointed remnant as of “one flock” in one pen. (Holy Spirit, 1976; pp. 155)

New Covenant: Remnant Included

These spiritual Israelites constitute Jehovah’s “very own out of all the peoples”. (This Means Everlasting Life, 1950; pp. 111)

For this reason the new creation, the new nation of spiritual Israel, is not under the old law covenant of Moses and is not split into two groups by that covenant. (New Heavens and a New Earth; 1953; pp. 177)

On this legal basis of a perfect human sacrifice, Jesus mediates the new covenant toward the 144,000 humans who become joint heirs with him in his Kingdom. (Watchtower, 1/15/1990; pp. 12).

New Covenant: Result: Cleansing From sin

This new covenant would really result in the taking away of the sins of believers taken into the new covenant. (Let Your Name Be Sanctified, 1961; pp. 257)

Obeisance: Peter and Angels Refused

What vanity popes have displayed over the centuries! A contrast indeed to the humble simplicity of Peter, who said to Cornelius, the Roman army officer who knelt at Peter’s feet to do obeisance to him: “Stand up,… I am only a man after all”! (Acts 10:25,26, The Catholic Jerusalem Bible) And what a contrast to the angel who gave the apostle John the Revelation! John tries to bow down worshipfully to that angel, but the angel declared: “Be careful! Do not do that! All I am is a fellow slave of you and your brothers who are prophets and of those who are observing the words of this scroll. Worship God.” Revelation 22:8-9 (The Watchtower, 2/1/1990; pp. 14)

Now the first Gentiles were about to hear the good news. (Acts 10:24-43) When Peter and his associates arrived in Caesarea, Cornelius, his relatives, and his intimate friends were waiting. Cornelius fell at Peter’s feet, but the apostle humbly refused such obeisance. (The Watchtower, 6/1/1990; pp. 19)

Ordained Minister

One who becomes a true and faithful servant of God and Christ, and who has received the spirit of the Lord, is ordained or commissioned to preach the good news of the Kingdom and to magnify Jehovah’s name, and hence is an “ordained minister” of the gospel. (Children, 1941; 3,000,000 ed.; pp. 226)

You baptism marks the date of your ordination as a minister of the Most High God, Jehovah. (The Watchtower; 3/1/1990; pp. 10)

Organization: Connection To Russell

Prior to the coming of the Lord Jesus to the temple for judgement in 1918 many consecrated persons who were preaching to the people of and concerning his second coming were known as Millennial Dawnites, or Russellites, or International Bible Students, and other like sectarian names. (Children; 1941; 3,000,000 ed.; pp. 227)

Martin Marty states in his book Modern American Religion: The Irony of It All: “The clergy turned against the Russellites [later known as Jehovah’s Witnesses] and cheered to hear that twenty-year sentences were to be imposed upon the convicted Jehovah’s Witnesses leaders.” (The Watchtower; 5/1/1989; pp. 4)

Organization: Educates Worldwide

Does the Kingdom have an educational system? Certainly it does! Right now its educational program is reaching out to aid sincere persons of all nations and peoples and languages, to prepare them for life eternal under the Kingdom’s righteous administration. (Let Your Kingdom Come; 1981; pp. 10)

Organization: Examine Its Teachings

Whoever now would be a follower of the Lord and a follower of the light, should take heed that, while not ignoring human instrumentalities and their ministries, orally and through the printed page, they should accept from these only such assistance as will aid them in appreciating the inspired message recorded in the Scriptures: “If they speak not according to this Word, it is because they have no light in them.” (The New Creation; 1899; 1915 ed.; pp. 61)

We have already considered the fact that these teachers are not to be regarded as infallible, but that their words are to be weighed and measured by the divine standards – the words of the Lord and the apostles and holy prophets of past dispensations, … (The New Creation; 1899; 1915 ed.; pp. 262)
They are not to be machines, nor to be afraid to communicate; but by asking questions, calling attention to what seems to them to be misapplications of Scripture or what not, they are to do their part in keeping the body of Christ and his teachings pure – they are thus to be critics; and instead of being discouraged from doing this, and instead of being told that they must not criticize the teacher or call in question his expositions, they are, on the contrary, urged to communicate, to criticize. (The New Creation; 1899; 1915 ed.; pp. 263)

We will not ‘forsake our mother’s teaching’ by immediately beginning to criticize and find fault. We will realize that Jehovah knows what is going on in his organization, and if he is willing to permit it, who are we to insist it should be different? (The Watchtower; 5/1/1957; pp. 284)

But what is not so generally appreciated is that the principle of caveat emptor should be kept in mind when one is buying ideas, that is, when he is reading articles or books that are trying to “sell” him on a certain viewpoint, philosophy, or religious idea. Writers of such articles or books may, for reasons of their own, be just as likely to be tempted to take liberties with the truth. This may be done very subtly, at times simply by ignoring certain pertinent facts in discussing a certain subject. (The Watchtower; 5/15/1963; pp. 293)

It is a serious matter to represent God and Christ in one way, then find that our understanding of the major teachings and fundamental doctrines of the Scriptures was in error, and then after that, to go back to the very doctrines that, by years of study, we had thoroughly determined to be in error. Christians cannot be vacillating – ‘wishy-washy’ – about such fundamental teachings. What confidence can one put in the sincerity or judgement of such persons? (The Watchtower; 5/15/1976; pp. 298)

An impartial investigation of God’s Word, comparing it to the teachings and practices of Jehovah’s Witnesses, will provide the evidence that God’s spirit is indeed backing them, and that he is using them as his instrument for proclaiming truth today. However, all persons who have a love for the truth are invited to examine this claim that Jehovah’s Witnesses really do have the truth. In doing so, they should imitate what those persons in the first century did who listened to the preaching of the apostles: “The received the word with the greatest eagerness of mind, carefully examining the Scriptures daily as to whether these things were so.” – Acts 17:11 (The Watchtower; 7/1/1979; pp. 25)

And what if a different view about some belief is presented to you? Loyally adhere to the Scriptural information provided by God through “the faithful and discreet slave.” (The Watchtower; 11/15/1989; pp. 17)

On the other hand, if young people are to lead rewarding lives, they must look to Christ, who ‘left them a model for them to follow his steps closely.’ (1 Peter 2:21) Appropriately, they were asked: “If you were raised in the truth, you know what you believe, but do you know why?” They were encouraged to make the truth their own by proving that the Bible is God’s Word and that Jehovah’s Witnesses really have the truth. (The Watchtower; 1/15/1990; pp. 27)

Organization: Immorality

Has Satan tried to introduce a Balaam or Jezebel influence into the Christian congregation today? He certainly has, to the extent that almost 40,000 a year are disfellowshipped, most because of immorality. (The Watchtower; 4/1/1989; pp. 13)

And personal Bible study that leads to accurate knowledge is essential for a Christian in these critical times. Yet, with over 41,000 disfellowshipped last year, it is clear that many brothers and sisters have neglected their spirituality. (The Watchtower; 12/1/1989; pp. 17)

Always being alert to danger signals, parents must guard children from unwholesome association, even within the congregation. (The Watchtower; 1/15/1990; pp. 27)

Organization: Is It Needed?

The name “Jehovah’s witnesses” means but one thing, to wit, that each one is to bear witness for Jehovah, the Almighty God, and for none other. They are Jehovah’s witnesses, and not members of some sect or Christian as the Devil would have others believe. They are selected by the Lord. They are not subject to the control of human organizations or human power. Their allegiance is to Almighty God. They must obey his commandments and are responsible to God for their actions. – Romans 14:4 (Children; 1941; 3,000,000 ed.; pp. 221)

Because they deny his existence, the Reds may deny they worship the Devil. But they have set up a state religion by requiring the people to give their unquestioning obedience to the political state as their highest counselor, guide, provider, and protector. In this way they attribute to the state what really belongs to the living and true God, Jehovah. For him they have substituted a man-made visible organization. (What Has Religion Done For Mankind?; 1951; pp. 317)

Organization: Reliability of Teachings

Before the Lord’s messenger came to the temple and began interpreting God’s will and teaching, the Job class had been darkening counsel by words without knowledge. Some of the consecrated ones thought they must be taken home to heaven at a time certain in order to help God run the universe. (The New World; 1942; 2,000,000 ed.; pp. 308)

No more do they permit any men to assume to be their teachers, but look singly to the Lord and follow his teachings through his word and organization. They now see their teachers, Jehovah and Jesus Christ. (The New World; 1942; 2,000,000 ed.; pp. 312)

In the early part of our 20th century prior to 1919, the Bible Students, as Jehovah’s Witnesses were then known, had to be released from a form of spiritual captivity to the ideas and practices of false religion. Although having rejected such false teachings as the Trinity and immortal soul, they were still tainted by Babylonish practices. Many had developed a self-righteous attitude in character development. Some were exalting creatures, indulging in a personality Christian that focused on Charles T. Russell, the first president of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society. Without any Biblical basis, they were observing birthdays and Christmas. The cross was still prominent in their thinking. Some even wore a cross-and-crown lapel emblem, while others sought the respectability accorded Christendom. (The Watchtower; 5/1/1989; pp. 3)

They have a modern Governing Body of older Christian men from various parts of the earth who give needed oversight to the worldwide activities of God’s people. these men, like the apostles and older men in Jerusalem in the first century, are anointed members of the faithful and discreet slave class designated by Jesus to care for all of his Kingdom interests here upon earth. History has proved that they can be trusted to follow the direction of the holy spirit and that they do not rely on human wisdom in teaching the flock of God the ways of genuine peace. (The Watchtower; 12/15/1989; pp. 6)

Because of this hope, the “faithful and discreet slave” has alerted all of God’s people to the sign of the times indicating the nearness of God’s Kingdom rule. In this regard, however, it must be observed that this “faithful and discreet slave” was never inspired, never perfect. Those writings by certain members of the ‘slave’ class that came to form the Christian part of God’s Word were inspired and infallible, but that is not true of other writings since. Things published were not perfect in the days of Charles Taze Russell, first president of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society; nor were they perfect in the days of J.F. Rutherford, the succeeding president. The increasing light on God’s Word as well as the facts of history have repeatedly required that adjustments of one kind or another be made down to the very present time. But let us never forget that the motives of this “slave” were always pure, unselfish; at all times it has been well-meaning. (The Watchtower; 3/1/1979; pp. 24)

Organization:Salvation:Necessary for

“… there is but one place of safety, and that is to be in and to abide in the organization of Jehovah God.” (Riches; 1936; pp. 101)

God will destroy all who willfully entangle themselves again in sin for the selfish pleasure it gives the depraved flesh. Their being associated with the Theocratic organization which is in the way of salvation will not save them or excuse them, but it means their greater responsibility. (This Means Everlasting Life; 1950; pp. 187)

Let us now unmistakably identify Jehovah’s channel of communication for our day, that we may continue in his favor. … It is vital that we appreciate this fact and respond to the directions of the “slave” as we would to the voice of God, because it is his provision. (The Watchtower; 6/15/1957; pp. 370)

Since the Master Jesus Christ had appointed this “slave” class to be “over his domestics, to give them their food at the proper time,” the famine-relief spiritual food could come only though this one “channel,” this appointed ‘slave” class, the Elijah class. (Let Your Name Be Sanctified; 1961; pp. 302)

Unless we are in touch with this channel of communication that God is using, we will not progress along the road to life, no matter how much Bible reading we do. (The Watchtower; 12/1/1981; pp. 27)

To receive everlasting life in the earthly Paradise we must identify that organization and serve God as part of it. (The Watchtower; 2/15/1983; pp. 12)
Jehovah does not force us to go in a certain way. He will not lead us against our will. But is we turn to his Word for guidance, pray to him for strength and stay close to his organization, he will direct our steps. (Survival Into a New Earth; 1984; pp. 181)

… a longtime Witness of Jehovah said: “If one thing has been most important to me, it has been the matter of keeping close to Jehovah’s visible organization. My early experience taught me how unsound it is to rely on human reasoning. Once my mind had been resolved on that point, I determined to stay by the faithful organization. How else can one get Jehovah’s favor and blessing?” There is nowhere else to go for divine favor and life eternal. (The Watchtower; 11/15/1992; pp. 21)

For example, everything to do with our worship is related to our relationship with Jehovah and his organization. (The Watchtower; 1/15/1994; pp. 21)

Organization: Salvation: Unnecessary

They deceive the people by claiming it is needful to come to Christ through them, – needful to become members of some sectarian body in order to become members of “the body of Christ,” the true church. (Thy Kingdom Come; 1891; 1915 ed.; pp. 186)

It has never been the purpose of these Christians to assemble themselves as Bible Students in order to induce any one to join them; in fact, they have no membership roll. (Creation; 1927; 2,175,000 ed.; pp. 300)

Pharisees: Importance of teachings

The Pharisees believed in the human traditions handed down by the religious fathers and placed these on a level with God’s written Law and prophecies, if not above them. (What Has Religion Done For Mankind?; 1951; pp. 247)


Indeed, one of the sciences, Phrenology, undertakes to treat the skulls of men and lower animals as indexes and to read therefrom the natural traits and characteristics of the owners: and do not all men find themselves possessed of some ability in judging character physiologically. (At-One-Ment Between God And Man, 1899; 1915 ed.; pp. 322)

Those who have not learned that organism (bodily form) is indissolubly connected with nature, character, and disposition have made poor use of life’s lessons and are unprepared to pass judgement on our topic or any other. (At-One-Ment Between God And Man, 1899; 1915 ed.; pp. 322)

He [Charles Russell] repeatedly states that he is not self-conceited, but meek and not boastful, and writes that two phrenologists had examined his head and assured him that he was deficient in self-esteem. (Pennsylvania Superior Court Reports, Russell vs. Russell; vol. 37, pp. 351)


PRAYER: Worshipful address to the true God, or to false gods. Mere speech to God is not necessarily prayer, as is seen in the judgment in Eden and in the case of Cain. (Ge 3:8-13; 4:9-14) Prayer involves devotion, trust, respect, and a sense of dependence on the one to whom the prayer is directed. The various Hebrew and Greek words relating to prayer convey such ideas as to ask, make request, petition, entreat, supplicate, plead, beseech, beg, implore favor, seek, inquire of, as well as to praise, thank, and bless. (Insight on the Scriptures, 1988, Volume 2, p.667)

The Bible book of Hebrews speaks of a person that “approaches God.” (Hebrews 11:6) Who is this God? There is but one almighty God, though there are many man-made and false gods. (1 Corinthians 8:5, 6) The almighty God of the Bible is named Jehovah. (Psalm 83:18) He is the Creator of all things, and for this reason prayer should be directed only to him. (The Watchtower; March 15, 1988; p.6)

Naturally, God does not answer the prayers of wicked, unfaithful, and self-righteous people. (Proverbs 15:29; Isaiah 1:15; Luke 8:9-14) But those who fear Jehovah are heard because they have conformed to his righteous standards. Yet, they have done more. Fearers of Jehovah have made a dedication to God in prayer and symbolized this by undergoing water baptism. They have an unrestricted privilege of prayer. (The Watchtower; 11/15/1989; pp. 12)

Like Cornelius, anyone today progressing toward dedication may be encouraged to pray. But an individual who is insincere about studying the Scriptures, does not know the divine requirements for prayer, and has not displayed an attitude pleasing to God cannot be said to fear Jehovah, have faith, or be earnestly seeking him. Such a person is not in position to offer prayers acceptable to God. (The Watchtower; 11/15/1989; pp. 12)

Some who were at one time progressing toward dedication later may seem to be holding back. If they do not have enough love for God in their heart to make an unreserved dedication to him they ought to ask themselves whether they still have the wonderful privilege of prayer. Apparently not, because those approaching God must be earnestly seeking him and also righteousness and meekness. (Zephaniah 2:3) Everyone who really fears Jehovah is a believer who makes a dedication to God and symbolizes it by getting baptized. (Acts 8:13; 18:8) And only baptized believers have an unrestricted privilege of approaching the King Eternal in prayer. (The Watchtower; 11/15/1989; pp. 12)

Before Cornelius was baptized, his prayers only “ascended as a remembrance before God.” (Acts 10:4) However, by making a dedication to God on the basis of his belief in Jesus’ ransom sacrifice, and being baptized, Cornelius unreservedly gave himself to Jehovah. This established a wonderful closeness between God and this devout man – a relationship giving Cornelius the unrestricted privilege of prayer. (James 4:8) He could approach his heavenly Father through Christ Jesus with the expectation of being heard. This is what happens to all who dedicate themselves to God through Christ and get baptized. They too have the unrestricted privilege of prayer. (The Watchtower; 1/15/1990; pp. 6)

Every prayer is a form of worship. (The Watchtower; 12/15/1994; pp. 23)

Prophecy: False

All know something of the failure of Brother Miller’s expectations. The Lord did not come in 1844, and the world was not burned up with fire, as he had expected and taught others to expect; and this was a great disappointment to those “holy people” who had so confidently looked for Christ (“Michael”) then to appear and to exalt them with him in power and glory. But, not withstanding the disappointment, the movement had its designed effects – of awakening an interest in the subject of the Lord’s coming, and of casting reproach upon the subject by reason of mistaken expectations. We say designed effects because without a doubt the hand of the Lord was in it. (Thy Kingdom Come; 1891; 1915 ed.; pp. 85)

Many of such had been looking for the Lord to come and take them to heaven, and had particularly fixed the year 1914 as when this should be done. The year 1914 was a marked date; but these had merely contemplated something to happen which did not come to pass. (Prophecy; 1929; 1,589,000 ed.; pp. 89)

There was a measure of disappointment on the part of Jehovah’s faithful ones on earth concerning the years 1914, 1918, and 1925, which disappointment lasted for a time. Later the faithful learned that these dates were definitely fixed in the Scriptures; and they also learned to quit fixing dates for the future and predicting what would come to pass on a certain date,… (Vindication; 1931; pp. 338-339)

Such activity in publishing God’s kingdom and clearing his name of the Devil’s reproaches by religion was mistakenly given a place secondary to the making of the bride of Christ class ready for the marriage with him in heaven, in 1914 as some thought. (The New World; 1942; 2,000,000 ed.; pp. 273-274)

Before the Lord’s Messenger came to the temple and began interpreting God’s will and teaching, the Job class had been darkening counsel by words without knowledge, it not then being due time for the disclosure of such knowledge. Some of the consecrated ones thought they must be taken home to heaven at a time certain in order to help God run the universe. (The New World; 1942; 2,000,000 ed.; pp. 308)

Like Elijah of old, they became quite disconsolate, uncertain of life, thinking the end of existence and work was at hand. This was especially the case since the remnant was part of the virgin class espoused to Christ as his Bride and she failed to realize her hopes of being glorified to heavenly life with him both in 1914 and now in 1918. (Let Your Name Be Sanctified; 1961; pp. 313)

However, suddenly, there came an end to World War 1. It did not lead on, as Bible students expected, into world revolution and anarchy or the battle of Armageddon. And the sincere worshippers of Jehovah who were in the new covenant with him through his Mediator Jesus Christ, found themselves still in the flesh on the earth. (Man’s Salvation Out Of World Distress At Hand; 1975; pp. 98)

Furthermore, the remnant of spiritual Israel had for decades, yes, since 1876, been looking forward to the ending of the Times of the Gentiles in the autumn of 1914. They were expecting God’s Messianic Kingdom to be fully established in the heavens by then and also for the remnant of spiritual Israel to be glorified with Jesus Christ in the heavenly kingdom at that time. All understanding of the Holy Scriptures was slanted in that direction or adjusted to that idea. And when the year 1914 ended amid the flames of World War 1 and the remnant of spiritual Israel found themselves still here on the earth, then they were inclined to think that they would be glorified in the year 1918, three and a half years after the end of the Gentile Times. (Man’s Salvation Out Of World Distress At Hand; 1975; pp. 136)

This marked the beginning of a period of education in the written Word of God from the standpoint that Bible prophecy is best understood after it has been fulfilled. So there needed to be a correction of our previous views, and the surviving remnant of spiritual Israel needed to be readjusted to the postwar realities and opportunities. … This revised program of Bible education had a profound effect on the remnant. It oriented their work in the right direction. (Man’s Salvation Out Of World Distress At Hand; 1975; pp. 191)

Partly because of eagerness to be alive when Jesus Christ reveals himself in glory, there have been believers throughout the centuries who began looking for a particular period or a year for the windup of the ungodly system of things. This has happened right down to these “last days.” Since certain expectations were not realized, many stumbled and returned to the ways of the world. In fulfillment of Peter’s words, even today we hear the voice of ridiculers. (2 Peter 3:3,4) (Choosing The Best Way Of Life; 1979; pp. 169)
The preservation of the remnant of spiritual new creation to the end of World War 1 in 1918 and their being kept alive in the flesh in the postwar year of 1919 came as a wondrous surprise. (The Watchtower; 9/1/1989; pp. 13)

Adult Christians too can be disappointed, and this has in some cases led to spiritual disaster. Some set their hope on a date when they were sure Armageddon would come. When nothing happened on that day, they felt let down. (The Watchtower; 4/15/1990; pp. 27)

Prophecy: Interpreter: Jehovah

He is the One Interpreter of his own prophetic word. (The New World; 1942; 2,000,000 ed.; pp. 11)


Jehovah never makes any mistakes. Where the student relies upon man, he is certain to be led into difficulties. When he relies upon the Lord, he will be kept in perfect peace. (Prophecy; 1929; 1,589,000 ed.; pp. 67)

What is a prophet? A prophet is one who speaks for and in behalf of another. The word “prophet” is almost always used in connection with a message which purports to be from God, whether the message is true or false. It is nearly always used concerning those persons whom God uses to speak his message of truth to his people. Such is a true prophet. One who claims to speak in the name of the Lord but who does not is a false prophet. (Prophecy; 1929; 1,589,000 ed.; pp. 13)

Who is the true, approved prophet sent of Jehovah God? It was not for just the listening people to decide, but Almighty God himself must indicate it from heaven. (Let Your Name Be Sanctified; 1961; pp. 304)

There are some who make spectacular predictions of the world’s end to grab attention and a following, but others are sincerely convinced that their proclamations are true. They are voicing expectations based on their own interpretation of some scripture text or physical event. They do not claim that their predictions are direct revelations from Jehovah and that in this sense they are prophesying in Jehovah’s name. Hence, in such cases, when their words do not come true, they should not be viewed as false prophets such as those warned against at Deuteronomy 18:20-22. In their human fallibility, they misinterpreted matters. (Awake!; 3/22/1993; pp. 3-4)

Prophet: JW Organization

Before those enemies go down into annihilation they shall know that Jehovah is God who holds and retains the universal domination and that he has had a prophet among them, namely, Jehovah’s witnesses, who shall be preserved through Armageddon in vindication of his name and promise. (The New World; 1942; 2,000,000 ed.; pp. 249)

Who then, is the foretold “Elijah the prophet” for our fateful day? (Let Your Name Be Sanctified; 1961; pp. 293-294)

They have come to know that there exists a true prophet in spiritual Israel and that there is no God anywhere in the earth except among the prophet’s people, spiritual Israel. (Let Your Name Be Sanctified; 1961; pp. 347)

By the enlightening power of Jehovah’s spirit we today have been given an understanding of what those prophetic visions of Ezekiel mean. The giving of such understanding of those prophetic revelations is not for our personal self-enjoyment. Rather, it lays upon us the obligation to imitate Ezekiel and tell out to everybody who is involved what Jehovah through his chariotlike organization has made known to our understanding. (The Nations Shall Know That I Am Jehovah; 1971; 2nd ed.; pp. 212)

What a thrilling moment it will be when, during the coming “great tribulation” on this present system of things, the authentic news comes from all around the earth that the antitypical Jerusalem, Christendom, has fallen at the hands of Jehovah’s executional forces! This will be a vindication of the modern-day Ezekiel class, to authenticate that they have not been a false prophet but have been a faithful “watchman” class in sending out Jehovah’s warnings to Christendom. (The Nations Shall Know That I Am Jehovah; 1971; 2nd ed.; pp. 286)

They may be disturbed by the cry of Christendom that Jehovah’s Christian witnesses are “false prophets!” They may not be fully convinced that these are true spokesman for Jehovah the Sovereign Lord. (The Nations Shall Know That I Am Jehovah; 1971; 2nd ed.; pp. 291)

Better it is to know now, rather than too late, that there is an authentic prophetic class of Christians among us, and to accept and act upon the Bible message, “not as the word of men, but, just as it truthfully is, as the word of God.” (1 Thessalonians 2:13) Concerning the message faithfully delivered by the Ezekiel class Jehovah positively states that it “must come true.” He asseverates that those who wait undecided until it does “come true” “will also have to know that a prophet himself had proved to be in the midst of them.” (The Nations Shall Know That I Am Jehovah; 1971; 2nd ed.; pp. 292)

What is to be gained by hesitating and doubting to the end that Jehovah can raise up and has raised up a genuine “prophet’ within our generation? (The Nations Shall Know That I Am Jehovah; 1971; 2nd ed.; pp. 292)

Was there any group on whom Jehovah would be willing to bestow the commission to speak as a “prophet” in His name, as was done toward Ezekiel back there in 613 B.C.E.? (The Watchtower; 3/15/1972; pp. 189)

So, does Jehovah have a prophet to help them, to warn them of dangers and to declare things to come? These questions can be answered in the affirmative. Who is this prophet? … This “prophet” was not one man, but was a body of men and women. It was the small group of footstep followers of Jesus Christ, known at that time as International Bible Students. Today they are known as Jehovah’s Christian witnesses. (The Watchtower; 4/1/1972; pp. 197)

The announced purpose behind God’s pouring out of his spirit upon all sorts of flesh was that the recipients thereof might prophesy. The facts substantiate that the remnant of Christ’s anointed disciples have been doing that prophesying to all the nations for a witness in favor of God’s kingdom. (Holy Spirit; 1976; pp. 148)

After twelve years of such prophesying about God’s kingdom, the anointed remnant had become better informed upon Jehovah God, the heavenly Source of the outpoured spirit. (Holy Spirit; 1976; pp. 148)

Just as at Mount Sinai He put his word in the mouth of his chosen people through the mediator Moses and thereafter he led them under the protective shadow of his hand into the Promised Land, so he has done for the remnant of spiritual Israel. He has put his word, his message of the hour, into the mouth of the spiritual remnant for them to confess openly before the world, for their own salvation and for that of responsive hearers. (Holy Spirit; 1976; pp. 175-176)

Unlike the clergy class, those of the Jeremiah class have been sent by Jehovah to speak in his name. (The Watchtower; 9/1/1979; pp. 29)
Whom, then, did Jehovah send and who are the ones that speak in his name, Christendom’s clergy who prophesy oppositely, or the Jeremiah class of today? Future events will identify the truthtellers. (The Watchtower; 11/1/1979; pp. 25)

Enlightened and motivated by god’s spirit, modern day anointed ‘sons and daughters’ of Jehovah did “certainly prophesy,” as they got busy in warning the world of mankind of the approach of “the great and illustrious day of Jehovah,” and of the urgent need to ‘call on the name of Jehovah’ in order to be saved. (Let Your Kingdom Come; 1981; pp. 147)

Jehovah’s Witnesses, in their eagerness for Jesus’ second coming, have suggested dates that turned out to be incorrect. Because of this, some have called them false prophets. Never in these instances, however, did they presume to originate predictions ‘in the name of Jehovah.’ Never did they say, ‘These are the words of Jehovah.’ The Watchtower, the official journal of Jehovah’s Witnesses, has said: “We have not the gift of prophecy.” (January 1883, page 425) “Nor would we have our writings reverenced or regarded as infallible.” (December 15, 1896, page 306) The Watchtower has also said that the fact that some have Jehovah’s spirit “does not mean those now serving as Jehovah’s witnesses are inspired. It does not mean that the writings in this magazine The Watchtower are inspired and infallible and without mistakes.” (May 15, 1947, page 157) “The Watchtower does not claim to be inspired in its utterances, nor is it dogmatic.” (August 15, 1950, page 263) “The brothers preparing these publications are not infallible. Their writings are not inspired as are those of Paul and the other Bible writers. (2 Tim. 3:16) And so, at times, it has been necessary, as understanding became clearer, to correct views. (Prov. 4:18)” – February 15, 1981, page 19. (Awake!; 3/22/1993; pp. 4)

Prophet: Test of

It was necessary for the people to be able to know whether a prophet was true or false. God provided a test by which the people might know, and that rule or test holds good at all times. (Prophecy; 1929; 1,589,000 ed.; pp. 18)

From this and other scriptures it will be observed that three things must obtain (occur) to prove that the one speaking was truly God’s prophet and representative: (1) He must speak in the name of the Lord; (2) the prophecy that applied to the immediate future must come to pass; and (3) his words must not tend to turn people away from God but must teach them to be faithful and true to Jehovah. (Prophecy; 1929; 1,589,000 ed.; pp. 18)

While they claim to speak in the name of the Lord, their predictions neither come true nor tend to magnify Jehovah’s name. According to the divine rule they prove to be false, and the Lord promises that in due time he will deal with them as he does with all hypocrites. (Prophecy; 1929; 1,589,000 ed.; pp. 22)

Jehovah, the God of the true prophets, will put all false prophets to shame either by not fulfilling the false prediction of such self-assuming prophets or by having his own prophecies fulfilled in a way opposite to that predicted by the false prophets. False prophets will try to hide their reason for feeling shame by denying who they really are. (Paradise Restored To Mankind – By Theocracy, 1972; pp. 354)


The variety of human types, or races, must be accounted for along the lines of climate, customs, food, etc., and especially along the lines of the seclusion of the various peoples in various quarters from each other, by which peculiarities became fixed. This is illustrated by the fact that Europeans living for a long time amongst the people of India or China gain a measure of resemblance to their neighbors, while their children, born in those lands, bear a still stronger resemblance in skin and features – affected no doubt by the mother’s surroundings during the period of gestation. (The New Creation; 1899; 1915 ed.; pp. 42)

There is no basis for the religious claim that the native inhabitants of Africa became black-skinned because of God’s curse pronounced upon Canaan by Noah. (The Truth Shall Make You Free; 1943; 2,000,000 ed.; pp. 157)

Redemption: Price of

The price of a paradise is the removal of these greedy ones. (Life Does Have a Purpose; 1977; pp. 36)

The destruction of those who prefer this present system of things, then, is the price that must be paid to redeem from insecurity and suffering those who love what is right. (True Peace And Security; 1986; 33,000,000 ed.; pp. 40)

Remnant: Anointed With Holy Spirit

All those taken into the new covenant, natural Jew and natural Gentile, were anointed with God’s spirit and made spiritual Israelites. (This Means Everlasting Life; 1950; pp. 111)

Remnant: Class Publishing in 1876

This remnant of anointed ones have identified themselves on the pages of history since 1914 C.E. Before this year members of the anointed remnant had been earnestly studying God’s word apart from Christendom. They put the holy Bible ahead of man-made religious traditions. As early as 1876 they were publishing that the Gentile Times of 2,520 years would terminate in the year 1914. Events that have taken place from that year onward prove they were not wrong. (God’s “Eternal Purpose” Now Triumphing For Man’s Good; 1974; pp. 178-179)

Remnant: Few In Number

The aging, anointed remnant, being so few in number, could not possibly carry the bulk of the work. (Holy Spirit; 1976; pp. 158)

Today, when Jesus’ spiritual brothers on earth reportedly number less than 9,000, the survivors from among them would in any case be too few to take care of all the preparatory work leading up to the general resurrection. (The Watchtower; 9/1/1989; pp. 21)

Remnant: Importance to Society

The restored remnant of spiritual Israelites dwell at the center or naval of the earth, that is, they are at the center of the New World Society. Out from them this Society radiates to the four quarters of the earth; around them this society revolves. (You May Survive Armageddon Into God’s New World, 1955; pp. 317)

Remnant: In Charge of Earthly Kingdom

But by this renewed privilege of witnessing they knew that their King had visited them and had judged them faithful and worthy to be entrusted with Kingdom interests. Their King appointed this reunited body of “chosen ones” as his “faithful and discreet slave” over all his belongings on the earth. (New Heavens And A New Earth; 1953; pp. 259)

It is this remnant of regathered “chosen ones’ that Jehovah’s King has committed the earthly assets and interests of the Kingdom in this time of the end. (New Heavens And A New Earth; 1953; pp. 259)

Remnant: Melchizedek Priesthood

The priesthood here mentioned is the Melchizedek order, of which all the new creation are members. (Creation; 1927; 2,175,000 ed.; pp. 324)

Remnant: Resurrection of: In Progress

At the opening of the fifth seal, an event in the invisible spirit realm is revealed. Anointed Christians who have died for their faith are each given a white robe. Evidently, with the presence of Christ now a reality, the heavenly resurrection has begun. (The Watchtower; 4/1/1989; pp. 15)

Remnant: Supplies Spiritual Food

Under all conditions since this promotion in the divine service this company have kept on giving his “domestics”, the fellow members, the spiritual food at the proper time. (New Heavens And A New Earth; 1953; pp. 260)

Resurrection Or Re-Creation?

“I say to thee this day [this dark day, when it seems as though I am an impostor, and I am dying as a felon], thou shalt be with me in Paradise.” The substance of this promise is that, when the Lord has established his Kingdom it will be a Paradise, and the thief will be remembered and be in it. Notice that we have changed the comma from before to after the word “today.” … But have we a right to alter the position of the comma? Certainly: the punctuation of the Bible is not inspired. The writers of the Bible used no punctuation. It was invented about four hundred years ago. It is merely a modern convenience, and should be so used as to bring out the sense, in harmony with all other Scriptures. (The New Creation; 1899; 1915 ed.; pp. 668-669)

In order to resurrect a person, God has to know everything about him. Only with this information can God bring back the same person with the same personality, so that the individual will be himself and recognize himself. This means that God must restore every detail of the person’s makeup. This would include his appearance, his inherited traits, the influence that environment and experience have had on him, along with his complete memory. (Life Does Have a Purpose; 1977; pp. 116)

As to the resurrected ones, God will accurately “re-create” each individual with his entire life pattern, personality and memory just as it was. The one resurrected will be able to identify himself as the same person. Also, his former associates will know him by his appearance and characteristics. He can then resume life after the interruption caused by his death, possessing the same motivations, leanings and traits that he displayed beforehand. However, his past sins and mistakes will not be brought up as charges against him. Why not? Because God’s purpose in bringing him back to earth is to provide opportunity for him to take advantage of Christ’s sacrifice and be freed of sin. Yet, what the individual did in the past, if bad, would have its effect on his personality, and the resulting bad traits would have to be overcome. The more unrighteous his past course was, the more he will have to change. (Life Does Have a Purpose; 1977; pp. 175)

“As regards the resurrection of the dead, did you not read what was spoken to you by God, saying ‘I am the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob’? He is the God, not of the dead, but of the living.” – Matt. 22:30-32. Jehovah used to be the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob before they died. He can be a God of a living Abraham, of a living Isaac, of a living Jacob, only by resurrecting them from the dead. (The Watchtower; 6/15/1979; pp. 18)

Even more than this, God, who created man from the elements of the earth, can also re-create him. That is why the Bible says: “There is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous.” (Acts 24:15) So the dead, too, in God’s ‘memory bank’ (far more marvelous than that of any man-made computer) will be brought back to life and given the opportunity of living forever in a righteous environment, on a paradise earth. (The Watchtower; 7/1/1979; pp. 7-8)

In a figurative way, the psalmist thus indicates that mankind should stand in awe of Jehovah, the Lord and Universal Ruler of all the earth. He was “the God of Jacob,” or Israel, as he is of spiritual Israelites and their earthly companions. (The Watchtower; 11/15/1992; pp. 11)

Russel, Charles Taze: First President of Watchtower Society

Because it was the Lord’s due time to restore these truths he used Charles T. Russell to write and publish books known as the Studies in the Scriptures by which the great fundamental truths of the divine plan are clarified. (Creation; 1927; 2,175,000 ed.; pp. 289)

Thousands of readers of Pastor Russell’s writings believe that he filled the office of “that faithful and wise servant,” and that his great work was giving to the Household of Faith meat in due season. His modesty and humility precluded him from openly claiming this title, but he admitted as much in private conversation. (The Watchtower; 12/1/1916; pp. 357)

The evidence is overwhelming concerning the Lord’s second presence, the time of the harvest, and that the office of “that servant” has been filled by Brother Russell. This is not man-worship by any means. … Brother Russell was the Lord’s servant. Then to repudiate him and his work is equivalent to a repudiation of the Lord. (The Watchtower; 5/1/1922; pp. 132)

The second presence of Christ dates from about 1874. From that time forward many of the truths long obscured by the enemy began to be restored to the honest Christian. As William Tyndale was used to bring the Bible to the attention of the people, so the Lord used Charles T. Russell to bring to the attention of the people an understanding of the Bible, particularly of those truths that had been taken away by the machinations of the Devil and his agencies. Because it was the Lord’s due time to restore these truths he used Charles T. Russell to write and publish books known as Studies in the Scriptures by which the great fundamental truths of the divine plan are clarified. (Creation; 1927; 2,175,000 ed.; pp. 120-121)

Some have claimed that the scripture, “the faithful and wise servant,” specifically applies to Brother Russell. He never made that claim himself. (The Watchtower; 2/15/1927; pp. 56)

The insistence that Russell had been “that servant” led many to regard Russell in what amounted actually to creature worship. (Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Divine Purpose; 1959; pp. 69)

Who is God’s “channel” for serving pure Bible truth? that matter became a raging question. The religious clergy denounced C.T. Russel and the remnant associated with him as uneducated false prophets, without theological training. (Let Your Name Be Sanctified; 1961; pp. 304)

One clear example of clergy inspired opposition goes as far back as 1917, and this pattern has been repeated time and time again. In that year the International Bible Students, as the Witnesses were then known, published the book The Finished Mystery. A few pages of this book were construed as subversive by the Canadian and US clergy, whose countries were embroiled in World War 1. They hastened to inform their political paramours of this publication. The result? According to professor Martin Marty, in his book Modern American Religion – The Irony of It All: “The clergy turned against the Russellites [Witnesses] and cheered to hear that twenty-year sentences [for alleged sedition] were to be imposed upon convicted Jehovah’s Witnesses leaders.” (The Watchtower; 4/1/1989; pp. 8)

The extent of the confusion over this doctrine {the ransom sacrifice} is well illustrated in the words of the religious writer N.H. Barbour: “Christ’s death was no more a settlement of the penalty of man’s sins than would the sticking of a pin through the body of a fly and causing it suffering and death be considered by an earthly parent as a just settlement for misdemeanor in his child.” Then affiliated with Barbour was Charles T. Russell, who saw the urgent need to defend the teaching of the ransom. He disassociated himself from Barbour and in 1879 began publishing a new magazine, which later became the journal that you are reading. (The Watchtower; 6/15/1992; pp. 4)


Only if we accept the leadership of Jesus Christ and give convincing evidence that we truly listen to him and walk in his footsteps can we be saved from this wicked world and be preserved alive through the coming “great tribulation.” (Survival Into a New Earth; 1984; pp. 181)

Jesus’ sacrifice has also opened to us the opportunity for eternal life – in the heavens for a “little flock,” and on a Paradise earth for billions more of mankind. (Luke 12:32; Rev 20:11,12; 21:3,4) This is not a reward we earn. No matter how much we do in Jehovah’s service, we can never build up such merit that God will owe us life. (United In Worship Of The Only True God; 1983; pp. 36-37)

It is indeed important to do works in obedience to commands of God and Christ that apply to Christians. (Jas. 2:15-17; Matt. 28:19,20) These are the means of demonstrating our love and faith, and lack of them would indicate that our faith was dead. But we cannot earn salvation no matter how hard we work. No salvation from sin and death would be possible without the sacrifice of Jesus Christ . Thus eternal life is a gift from God through Jesus Christ , an expression of extraordinary undeserved kindness and not payment for our works. (United In Worship Of The Only True God; 1983; pp. 148-149)

During the reign of Christ with his 144,000 associate kings and priests in the heavens, many millions of the dead whom God remembers favorably will be raised and will have full opportunity to learn the true worship of Jehovah. If faithful, they will gain the reward of eternal life in an earth-wide paradise. (The Watchtower; 6/15/1989; pp. 6)

Yes, believing in Jesus is crucial to our salvation, but more is needed. (The Watchtower; 9/15/1989; pp. 6)

Christians are in a saved condition. They have the prospect of everlasting life because they are in an approved position before God. As a group, their salvation from Adamic sin and all its consequences is sure. But individually they will be saved to eternal life only if they continue to adhere to all of God’s requirements. (The Watchtower; 9/15/1989; pp. 7)

Yes, there are various things involved in getting saved. We must take in accurate knowledge of God’s purposes and his way of salvation. Then we must exercise faith in the Chief Agent of salvation, Jesus Christ, and do God’s will the rest of our lives. (John 3:16; Titus 2:14) (The Watchtower; 9/15/1989; pp. 7)

What things are involved in getting “saved”? (Acts 16:30) The prime requirement is: “Believe on the Lord Jesus and you will get saved.” (Acts 16:31) This involves taking in accurate knowledge of God’s purposes and his way of salvation. Then faith has to be exercised in Jesus Christ as the Chief Agent of salvation. (John 3:16; Titus 2:14) This places the Christian in a saved condition, but he must now persevere in doing God’s will and continue to adhere to all of God’s requirements for the rest of his life. Only then will he be saved to eternal life. (Matthew 24:13) (The Watchtower; 12/15/1989; pp. 30)

“I became curious about their religion, which seemed so different. When I went to church, we would hear the same thing over and over again: ‘Believe in Jesus Christ, get baptized, and you will get to heaven.’ But that seemed too easy. I had come to believe that when things are too easy, you are either a genius, or something is wrong. I knew that I was not a genius, so I concluded that something must be wrong with what the church was teaching.” (The Watchtower; 8/22/1994; pp. 21)

Salvation: Same as Paul and Silas Preached

People today still need the salvation that Paul and Silas were preaching. (The Watchtower; 9/15/1989; pp. 3)

Satan: False God

Paragraph title: SATAN, THE FALSE AND MIMIC GOD (Prophecy; 1929; 1,589,000 ed.; pp. 152)

Self Defense: Allowed

The right of self-defense is defended here. (Religion; 1940; 2,000,000 ed.; pp. 291-295)

Sodom: Resurrection

The peoples of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed in a great fire. The preachers would make the people think that they are still burning; but the Lord, through his prophet, says that these shall be brought back to their “former estate’, which means that they shall be awakened out of death. (Creation; 1927; 2,175,000 ed.; pp. 276)

What was different about what occurred in the days of Lot and of Noah? A definite indication is found at Jude 7, where we read that “Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities about them… are placed before us as a warning example by undergoing the judicial punishment of everlasting fire.” Yes, the destruction of the gross sinners in those cities was eternal, as will be the destruction of the wicked at the end of the present system of things. (Matthew 25:46) the Flood of Noah’s day is likewise referred to in contexts that discuss eternal judgments. (2 Peter 2:4,5,9-12; 3:5-7) (The Watchtower; 4/15/1990; pp. 20)

Space Travel: Impossible

Man on earth can no more get rid of these demonic “heavens” than man by airplane or other means get up above the air envelope which is about our earthly globe and in which man breathes. (The Truth Shall Make You Free; 1943; 2,000,000 ed.; pp. 285)

Spirit-Begotten: Great Crowd

God’s capital organization is the great strong hold of his organization. The “great company” class also agreed to do God’s will and have been begotten by his spirit, and now these prisoners in Babylon, in order to live, must return unto God’s organization. (Preparation; 1933; pp. 163)

That means that those in the covenant with Jehovah, and who had responded to the call for the kingdom, and were at this time on the “highway” (Isaiah 35:8), are small in number; but in God’s due time all spirit-begotten ones must come over the “highway” and into God’s organization, hence the prophecy must refer to and include those of the “great multitude” class. (Preparation; 1933; pp. 38)

Many persons of good-will who hear and believe are devoting themselves to do God’s will. Whereas God may not anoint these with this spirit because he does not call them to be joint heirs with Jesus of the heavenly kingdom, yet they must be God’s preachers of good news. He backs them up with his spirit or active force, just as he put his spirit upon his prophets and witnesses before the anointing of Jesus, our model preacher. (This Means Everlasting Life; 1950; pp. 143)

Great, then, was the joy at the Washington convention when the president of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society discussed the subject of the “great multitude,” spoken of in Revelation 7:9-17, Authorized Version. He made it clear that the “multitude’ was no spiritual or spirit-begotten class; it would not attain the angelic nature in heaven so as to assist the 144,000 joint heirs with Christ. (Holy Spirit; 1976; pp. 156)

Of course, these dedicated, baptized “other sheep” of the “great crowd” have not been begotten to be God’s spiritual sons, with a heavenly inheritance. They are not spiritual Israelites. They have not been taken into the new covenant with the opportunity to become God’s “kingdom of priests and a holy nation.” (Exodus 19:5,6) They have never been sealed with God’s spirit as an advance token of their heavenly inheritance. They have not been anointed with God’s spirit as prospective joint heirs with Christ in his celestial kingdom. (Holy Spirit; 1976; pp. 157)

Strong’s Concordance: Recommendation

There are now three works which give the English reader a tolerably clear insight into the Common Version English Bible, and show exactly how it has translated the Hebrew and Greek originals. (1) the Englishman’s Hebrew and Greek Concordance of the Holy Scriptures [unsectarian]. (2) Professor Young’s Analytical Concordance of the Bible [Presbyterian]. (3) Dr. Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance [Methodist]. All three of these give each word of the Scriptures and show the original from which it is derived. And although we have mentioned the denominations represented in these different Concordances, it is but fair to say that, as far as we have yet observed, denominational prejudices have not been permitted to interfere with the accuracy of any of them. (At-One-Ment Between God And Man, 1899; 1915 ed.; pp. 334)


The babe of a few days is pretty sure to be nervous and irritable and distressed if the mother is so; an influence goes to the child, not only through the mother’s milk, but telepathically, electrically, from her person to the child. (The New Creation; 1899; 1915 ed.; pp. 531)

Transfiguration: A Vision

Of course, the prophets Moses and Elijah were not actually there with Jesus on that lofty mountain when he was thus transformed before the three apostles. Moses and Elijah were still dead, still in Hades, the common grave of mankind. What the three apostles saw was merely a vision, not an actuality. (Let Your Name Be Sanctified; 1961; pp. 250)


Never was there a more deceptive doctrine advanced than that of the trinity. It could have originated only in one mind, and that the mind of Satan the Devil. (Reconciliation; 1928; pp. 101)

That doctrine is taught by the religionists of “Christendom” and is in substance this: ‘That there are three gods in one; God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost, all equal in power, substance, and eternity.’ (Riches; 1936; pp. 185)

From then on trinitarian doctrine came to infect the belief of professed Christians more and more. Such doctrine is altogether foreign to true Christianity. The word trias is not even found in the inspired Christian Greek Scriptures, and the word trinitas is not found in even the Latin translation of the Bible, the Vulgate. (What Has Religion Done For Mankind?; 1951; pp. 268)

The doctrine, in brief, is that there are three gods in one: “God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost,” all three equal in power, substance, and eternity. (Let God Be True; 1952; pp. 100)

Truth: Does Not Change

The great Eternal One changes not, and what was once true is always true. (Creation; 1927; 2,175,000 ed.; pp. 11)


This class has been saying and still says: “There has been no truth in The Watchtower since the death of its original editor, and no revealed truth since that time.” This declaration is a presumptuous insult to Jehovah. (Preparation; 1933; pp. 69)

As surely as Jehovah has an organization on the earth, just so surely he is feeding the members of that organization by the hand of Christ Jesus. The facts prove that he uses the Watch Tower publications to bring these truths to the attention of his remnant. (Preparation; 1933; pp. 176)

Jehovah has been pleased to use the Watch Tower publications to bring to these his present-day truth, even as Ezekiel was used to prophesy to the valley of dry bones and caused them to revive. (Preparation; 1933; pp. 184)

The new system of things to be set up is Jehovah’s kingdom; and the magazine dedicated to heralding to you the announcement of its establishment is The Watchtower. By strict adherence to Bible prophecy it points out the only way of salvation and entrance into a new world system. It does not privately interpret prophecy, but calls attention to physical facts, sets them alongside prophecy, and you see for yourself how well the two match, how accurately Jehovah God interprets his own prophecy. (What Has Religion Done For Mankind?; 1951; advert.)

Worship: Definition of

Well, one meaning of worship is “to regard with great, even extravagant respect, honor or devotion.” In the original Bible languages, the words for worship carry the thought of service or bowing down before someone. (The Watchtower; 12/1/1990; pp. 3)

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