A Layman's Guide to Christian Apologetics

Faith Thinkers is an apologetics ministry which covers a lot of ground with in-depth research in several areas. President Robert M. Bowman Jr. has worked for decades in apologetics research, writing, conference speaking, teaching, and practice. He has over 35 years of ministry experience. I have personally studied his work for the majority of that time. Rob is deeply knowledgeable in many areas, with his best known work responding to Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormonism. Alex Blagovejic serves as the vice-president of Faith Thinkers. He brings a different perspective to the ministry as a former atheist who came to Christ in 2003. Alex has publicly debated several Muslims around the world. As well, he is the Florida area director for the college ministry of Ratio Christi.

The collected work of both of these men is wide-ranging across many areas of apologetics, evangelism, and theology. It ranges from academic papers to popular-level presentations and books. I encourage you to check out their website, books, and overall ministry.

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